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Posted by shockvalue, Wed Apr-07-21 08:08 AM
It’s the odd paradox of music whose palette and epic form suggests it should be emotionally stirring, and yet I feel nothing. Similar to to way i feel about Max Richter. Bad romance if you will...

The strings don’t evoke anything for me except bad string writing of the kind you often hear in pop music.

Cheesy, simplistic, and not worth the expense. Heavy use of unison, no depth of harmony which on a project with Pharoah Sanders is baffling.

Strings that simply say, “this is a string section bitches, get emo to this...for 45 minutes!”

I know FP is a polymath, but the Peter principle is still in effect.

(Btw I pre-ordered this on vinyl so will probably listen at least a few more times, I’ll come back and update if it grows on me as things often do).