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Topic subjectRE: i think i was comparing it to the critical reception
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3031654, RE: i think i was comparing it to the critical reception
Posted by thebigfunk, Wed Apr-07-21 07:30 AM

>you said yoga record lol

Although I get the point and the joke, it's worth remembering that music is frequently used as a part of meditative practice in any number of cultures -- "yoga record" isn't a bad thing.

And the type of music that is often used is frequently minimalist in instrumentation, slow/subtle in development, and long in duration -- which, in the context of our times anyway, is in fact pretty radical in itself. There's a reason so many avant garde musicians explore silence at some point in their journey (and there's a reason many of them have dabbled in serious meditative practices at some point, too).

I haven't seen folks call this groundbreaking -- I don't think it's that (but I don't think that matters, I'm not sure why we put such emphasis on the idea of new-ness in music/art). But the more I listen, the more I do feel this is an exceptional record for sure.


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