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Topic subjectthis hit just right for me
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3031456, this hit just right for me
Posted by thebigfunk, Mon Mar-29-21 10:38 AM
It's sort of right up my alley - a long, slow, repetitive piece with lots of space/silence? Sign me up!

But that bias aside, I thought it was really well done. The orchestral arrangement is really well-executed, not heavy-handed at all, and Sanders' playing is just perfect: very lyrical, almost plaintive at times, really tender (which I honestly wasn't expecting).

My only gripe (and this is totally me and probably unjustified and more of an observation than a gripe): one of my favorite pieces in the world is John Luther Adams' "In the White Silence" and I *swear* the main riff on this pieces is strikingly similar to the main motif on JLA's composition. Ultimately to totally different effect though - no recurring, searching sax on "White Silence" - and maybe I'm exaggerating the similarity in my head.

But yeah, putting aside the hype, I think this is beautiful and it hit just right for me. This will be a regular listen for a while, probably early morning or late evening.


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