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3030756, Hiatus Kaiyote - Mood Valiant
Posted by Hitokiri, Tue Mar-16-21 11:20 AM
June 25th 2021

01. Flight Of The Tiger Lily
02. Sip Into Something Soft
03. Chivalry Is Not Dead
04. And We Go Gentle
05. Get Sun (feat. Arthur Verocai)
06. All The Words We Don't Say
07. Hush Rattle
08. Rose Water
09. Red Room
10. Sparkle Tape Break Up
11. Stone Or Lavender
12. Blood And Marrow

First single just dropped.
Get Sun

various vinyl at the bandcamp link and elsewehere
3030757, Just picked up the white label vinyl.
Posted by LeroyBumpkin, Tue Mar-16-21 11:23 AM
I rarely get an opportunity to get those for releases I'm really excited about because they're always sold out.

So hyped I snagged one of those.

Already feeling Get Sun and LOVE that they're working with Arthur Verocai.
3030758, I grabbed that joint too!
Posted by Hitokiri, Tue Mar-16-21 11:24 AM
So excited for this album!
3030761, Did you hear the story of that collab?
Posted by Hitokiri, Tue Mar-16-21 12:12 PM
They got word to Verocai that they wanted him to do like a 15-20 second intro arrangement for a song. He told them to come to Brasil... they couldn't afford to go, so they set up a South American tour just so they could go to his studio. When they got there he had put together like a full arrangement (which I believe now runs throughout the whole track) and they ended up staying to work on some other stuff. I wonder what will become of the other material.
3030770, I saw the write up on Bandcamp
Posted by LeroyBumpkin, Tue Mar-16-21 05:46 PM
Great story.

Actually given everything the group has gone through the last few years,
I would have understood them not putting out an album this year.
3030765, I might have gotten the last
Posted by Numba_33, Tue Mar-16-21 12:57 PM
or one of the last copies of the white label, because after I made my purchase, it appears the white label is Out Of Stock. The miracles of technology.

I hope 9th Wonder sampling them on Kendrick's last album gives them some shine that'll make folks check for them on this album.
3030763, Thanks for that bandcamp link.
Posted by Numba_33, Tue Mar-16-21 12:24 PM
I wonder if Brainfeeder will drop more vinyl alternatives; I have a feeling other venues (Turntable Lab or Newbury Comics) will drop other color variants.

One track that I saw on Youtube I was looking forward hearing in a studio setting was Cinnamon Temple. I wonder if that's renamed to something else here or if it'll drop on another release.
3030764, They polled their patreon for vinyl colors
Posted by Hitokiri, Tue Mar-16-21 12:45 PM
and these are the ones that most people favored from there.
I kinda think this may be it for this first drop, but who knows.
There's might end up being several others that drop in the coming days
3030768, I was wrong here.
Posted by Hitokiri, Tue Mar-16-21 01:30 PM
I just went back and looked at that patreon post and they ended up saying they're gonna do 7-8 versions.
3030771, RE: I was wrong here.
Posted by Options, Tue Mar-16-21 06:52 PM
>they ended up saying they're gonna do 7-8 versions.

this is why I've been gun-shy about ordering a copy. gonna try and hold off a bit longer to see what else pops up. if history's anything to go by, I figured at least Turntable Lab would have something exclusive. I don't think I can hold out long, tho...
3030790, I went Glow in the Dark from Bleep.
Posted by phemom, Wed Mar-17-21 03:56 PM
Happy with my choice....tho the Black/Red is fire too tho.

As long as they don't do a burgundy/dark red variant I'm good.
3030778, HHV.de's got a dark green variant
Posted by Options, Wed Mar-17-21 11:02 AM

and Bleep is offering a few extras (same colors as the other retailers, tho)

(for the record, I think all this color variant stuff has gotten really out of hand, but I'm excited for this release, dammit, so I'm allowing myself to indulge!)
3030782, Agreed.
Posted by LeroyBumpkin, Wed Mar-17-21 12:15 PM
If an artist/band is providing a regular vinyl release and ONE color option that's limited edition,
that's when I'll go for the color. Mr. Bongo had that red version of Sault's Untitled album.

But like, 7 different colors? Eh.

Can I also use this post to talk about how I really dislike the splattered colored records? I've never seen one that I thought looked good.

3030794, Thank you! I don't get it.
Posted by dagu, Wed Mar-17-21 05:13 PM
>Can I also use this post to talk about how I really dislike
>the splattered colored records? I've never seen one that I
>thought looked good.

Give me splits or swirls or galaxies or even yolks or whatever. Any of that over splatter if you're going to do something other than a solid color.
3030797, yep
Posted by Options, Wed Mar-17-21 07:33 PM
I loves me a good marble swirl, but the splatters/splits/blobs/etc. are tacky almost 100% of the time to me. seems like they're aimed squarely at folks who've been into records for two weeks.
3030801, Vinyl Me Please has a light green variant
Posted by Numba_33, Thu Mar-18-21 10:19 AM

I splurged a little hard the initial go round for the different variants Hiatus Kaiyote offered themselves, so I think I'm all good on the different colored vinyl offerings, at least for now.

I may change my tune some months down the line if something new crops up, which I think may be the case.
3030806, I really like this one
Posted by Options, Thu Mar-18-21 07:08 PM
and I'm mad at myself for considering giving VMP $50 for it. *sigh*

once I've made a choice on the variant, I can get back to being excited about the music on the damn disc.
3030805, i think all the different colors is a great idea
Posted by blackfoot_female, Thu Mar-18-21 06:13 PM
i like that dark green the most so far, but the signed copy of the black vinyl is also tempting, but i also want a shirt.
3031017, I ended up going with the spotify fans version
Posted by Hitokiri, Mon Mar-22-21 01:43 PM

in addition to the white label.
3031085, Something to consider
Posted by Numba_33, Tue Mar-23-21 12:04 PM
>(for the record, I think all this color variant stuff has
>gotten really out of hand, but I'm excited for this release,
>dammit, so I'm allowing myself to indulge!)

is that I would imagine COVID will limit how much the band will be able to tour and fully maximize any potential revenue from the new material. I notice that are going to tour Australia, which makes sense since Australia and New Zealand are the only two locales that I'm aware of that did a good job in restraining COVID infections. I could be ignorant of other nations doing a good job fighting COVID, but I can't see them touring anywhere else.

If they want to release a colored vinyl for each month of the year to get them dollars, I wouldn't get mad at them.
3031101, I absolutely agree
Posted by Options, Tue Mar-23-21 06:37 PM
>If they want to release a colored vinyl for each month of the year to get them dollars, I wouldn't get mad at them.

pretty sure that's what Khruangbin did last year, heh heh.

but yeah, I'm not mad if that's the case. the hypebeast-esque feeding frenzy surrounding such releases does get a little tiring, however. but I'm glad to see artists get supported and so much interest in physical media (despite how fad-ish it seems now).
3031203, I didn't think about this.
Posted by LeroyBumpkin, Wed Mar-24-21 08:02 AM
Good point.
3030766, That all important merch
Posted by Numba_33, Tue Mar-16-21 01:04 PM

The web store front has an autographed copy of the album that I don't think is available from the bandcamp link if I'm not mistaken, along with various sorts of apparel for the album.

Looks like they are going all out to promote themselves this go round.

3030785, Get Sun is a fucking jam
Posted by Hitokiri, Wed Mar-17-21 12:46 PM
perfect way to come back after so much time away.
Probably ran this joint back 20 times since it dropped.
I wish i could decipher what Nai's talking about lol
3030878, Yup.
Posted by Castro, Sat Mar-20-21 11:11 PM
3031003, great song
Posted by mista k5, Mon Mar-22-21 10:02 AM
3030863, and they announced another album
Posted by High Society, Sat Mar-20-21 11:29 AM
coinciding with their signing to BRAINFEEDER.
3030913, Welcome back
Posted by bentagain, Sun Mar-21-21 06:39 AM
Get sun is a jam

Long wait...but they haven’t lost a step

Blessings to nai palm on her recovery
3030999, on par with their sound
Posted by Crash Bandacoot, Mon Mar-22-21 08:58 AM
nothing too mindblowing. looking forward to the album.
3031081, This still sends a shiver down my spine and a tear to my eye
Posted by Hitokiri, Tue Mar-23-21 11:02 AM

Nai singing The Makings Of You from her hospital bed the morning after her mastectomy
3032304, yeah...I shared that just now, I couldnt make it past 30 seconds
Posted by double negative, Wed May-05-21 12:21 PM
3032138, New single Red Room
Posted by Hitokiri, Tue Apr-27-21 09:11 AM
3032144, RE: this is more like it
Posted by rmcphedr, Tue Apr-27-21 01:09 PM
Get Sun didn't really do it for me, but this is dope
3032149, I agree with you
Posted by Numba_33, Tue Apr-27-21 05:22 PM
but based on what I read on the group's Instagram account, this song was birthed as result of the band jamming in the same Brazil sessions for Get Sun. Without Get Sun, this song wouldn't have been around.
3032148, What a beautiful, simple, under-stated track.
Posted by Numba_33, Tue Apr-27-21 05:20 PM
No wild time signature changes, no musical genre hopping, and this is relatively low energy compared to stuff I've heard from them in the past.

I think I've run this back about 7 or 8 times now.

I wonder what this track would've sounded like if this were included on that solo album Nai Palm did some years ago.
3032152, I dig this too.
Posted by LeroyBumpkin, Tue Apr-27-21 07:51 PM
3032839, Third single - Chivalry Is Not Dead
Posted by Numba_33, Tue Jun-08-21 05:49 PM

Damn does the bass knock on this.
3032851, They're 3 for 3 imo
Posted by Hitokiri, Wed Jun-09-21 01:50 PM
Just a couple more weeks til this record comes out. Can't wait.

The bad news is that Melbourne is currently in another lockdown with a covid outbreak. HK is supposed to fly to DC to record a Tiny Desk Concert and it's nclear whether or not they're gonna be able to do that. I'm actually really surprised they haven't done one yet. And I really hope the lockdown gets lifted in time for them to do it!
3032872, I'm confused.
Posted by Numba_33, Thu Jun-10-21 08:28 AM
>The bad news is that Melbourne is currently in another
>lockdown with a covid outbreak. HK is supposed to fly to DC to
>record a Tiny Desk Concert and it's nclear whether or not
>they're gonna be able to do that. I'm actually really
>surprised they haven't done one yet. And I really hope the
>lockdown gets lifted in time for them to do it!

Why can't the band do a remote Tiny Desk from Australia? I've seen other acts do remote Tiny Desks during the height of COVID. If a lockdown is stopping Hiatus Kaiyote from flying to the US, just use current technology to record and upload the performance to the Tiny Desk folks.

I don't see the problem here.
3032875, The Tiny Desks From Home they've been doing over the past year...
Posted by Hitokiri, Thu Jun-10-21 10:12 AM
Are ehhhh... to me. They're okay at best. A few good ones. But they don't recreate the energy of the real ones. Not even close.
3032857, I'm waiting for the full album to drop
Posted by Options, Wed Jun-09-21 06:47 PM
before I listen to anything, but the hype is real. happy to see these positive comments.

by the way, they're releasing a *12" single" for Get Sun on Record Store Day. who does 12" singles anymore?? I love it!
3032869, I cant find a listing for this anywhere...link?
Posted by tully_blanchard, Thu Jun-10-21 07:44 AM


Fuck aliens




3032896, RE: I cant find a listing for this anywhere...link?
Posted by Options, Thu Jun-10-21 05:22 PM
I'm in Japan and I stumbled on it checking a local site. had no idea it existed beforehand. here's a link: https://www.jetsetrecords.net/i/433005905059/

I also saw it on the RSD page for Australia, but it's strangely nowhere else. no idea why it's so pricey, either.
3032867, RE: Third single - Chivalry Is Not Dead
Posted by rmcphedr, Thu Jun-10-21 04:38 AM
Not feeling this one either... damn man, 1/3 bangers IMO (red room).

Hopefully the rest of the album is a bit better.
3032873, This isn't as great as Red Room is
Posted by Numba_33, Thu Jun-10-21 08:30 AM
but isn't as lackluster as Get Sun was to me.

I'm a bit surprised they released three singles since the album is only 12 songs long, but I'm not one to complain to much because it's been a minute since they released new material.

Looking at this somewhat optimistically, perhaps they'll release their other album sometime in the late fall/early winter.
3033090, Masterpiece
Posted by Hitokiri, Thu Jun-24-21 03:21 PM
this is near flawless.

3033101, Off first listen, complete flames
Posted by Ishwip, Fri Jun-25-21 12:39 AM
Every positive descriptive word you can come up with.
I don't like the beat anymore because its just a loop. ALC didn't FLIP IT ENOUGH!

Flip it enough? Flip these. Flip off. Go flip some f*cking burgers.(c)Kno

Allied State of the National Electric Beat Treaty Organization (NEBTO)
3033111, And We Go Gentle!
Posted by 201cue, Fri Jun-25-21 10:00 AM
Hot damn! This band makes alien music!
3033209, ^^this is my current favorite on the album
Posted by spenzalii, Mon Jun-28-21 10:54 AM
Got to give the album more spins but I'm digging it.
3033211, People handing me lighters and $hit
Posted by bentagain, Mon Jun-28-21 10:59 AM
Love the way the chorus sequences into the verses

Can’t stop singing it.
3033108, Sparkle Tape Break Up
Posted by LeroyBumpkin, Fri Jun-25-21 09:12 AM
Get Sun
Red Room
Sparkle Tape Break Up
Stone Or Lavender

I need more listens.
I dig the 2nd half of the album more for sure.
3033113, Sparkle Tape is absolutely stunning
Posted by 201cue, Fri Jun-25-21 10:26 AM
...joint is so dark, so hip hop
3033116, Haven't listened to the album yet.
Posted by Numba_33, Fri Jun-25-21 10:37 AM
Good to hear folks are having a good time with the record. I have to admit, I was a bit leery on this album because it appeared to be a bit short, but not it appears I will be in for a treat when I get to dig into this when I get home.

It appears the band made the right call not to go the double LP route like they planned to.
3033149, Perhaps it's because of the Peter Tosh reference
Posted by Numba_33, Sat Jun-26-21 06:19 AM
But All The Words We Don't Say is my favorite track at the moment.

On that track and on the album overall, Paul Bender was a fucking force of nature with his bass playing.

I'm also curious how some of these tracks will translate in a live setting.
3033160, this was great!
Posted by thebigfunk, Sat Jun-26-21 12:33 PM
I've never been a huge fan, didn't dislike them but they never really clicked for me (even though they seemed to check all the right boxes). Get Sun really hit for me, though, so was already excited. Played it this morning and I was clued into this record from start to finish and am already about to take it for a second spin.

That final stretch is something really special. I think I like Red Room more in the context of the record here, too, than I did as a single.


~ i could still snort you under the table ~
3033200, RE: this was great!
Posted by Numba_33, Mon Jun-28-21 07:26 AM
>I think I like
>Red Room more in the context of the record here, too, than I
>did as a single.

This was my experience with Chivalry Is Not Dead. I think when I initially heard the track, the opening synths threw me off a bit. Now, I've been playing the track non-stop the past three days. The bass licks in that chorus are beyond superb.
3033215, RE: Hiatus Kaiyote - Mood Valiant
Posted by Edweasel, Mon Jun-28-21 11:58 AM
Stone or Lavender put some dust in my eyes when thinking about all Nai Palm has been through. And I may have skipped "We go gentle" when I first played it, but I listened to that song 4 times today. Definitely not as playful or quirky as their other ones, but this is a beautiful album.
3033221, Stone or Lavender made me cry.
Posted by catalyst, Mon Jun-28-21 06:32 PM
Gorgeous album. Sonically, I’ve always enjoyed this group, but thought the songwriting needed some work. It all comes together here.
3033247, Rough Trade podcast with Nai Palm and Paul Bender
Posted by Numba_33, Wed Jun-30-21 06:33 PM
The audio is a bit rough in spots, but here's a roughly 20-30 minute interview with the two of them: https://blog.roughtrade.com/rough-trade-edit-podcast-32-with-hiatus-kaiyote/
3033276, FEeling THIS DEEP on the first listen! nm
Posted by MeshaMeesh, Thu Jul-01-21 10:13 PM
Get Sun??? Yes.

Rose Water??? HELL YES.


3033284, My Discog Rant.
Posted by LeroyBumpkin, Fri Jul-02-21 11:58 AM
So I saw this comment on discogs under the Text Pressing version of Mood Valiant:

"I was expecting something a little more than a generic (autographed) outer and a plain inner sleeve with some paint splatters.
Happy to have my copy but it could have been more "special" IMO.
Guess I'll be buying a regular copy as well..."

I thought I'd leave my rant here instead of posting it there but...I don't get this.

Did this person NOT know what a test pressing was? THEY ONLY MADE 500!
On top of that, they autographed and painted (really just splatter) the album sleeve.
So your version of Mood Valiant is essentially a 1 of 1.
Nobody has a record like yours and your thought was...

"I'll be buying a regular copy as well."

You mean the exact same version everyone else has?
Do you know what a collector's item is?
Like that's why I paid the extra money. I wanted something unique because I felt this was going to be a special record.

(i'll probably edit this later).
3033290, its a lil too art school experiment projecty for me
Posted by grey, Fri Jul-02-21 01:46 PM
*ducks* ha. just not for me. red room is hard though.
3033292, They're new to you, huh?
Posted by Hitokiri, Fri Jul-02-21 02:04 PM
3033302, ha nah i liked some of their other stuff too
Posted by grey, Fri Jul-02-21 08:35 PM
...(i see you aint disagree with me though *eyes emoji* ha)
3033295, yeah
Posted by Crash Bandacoot, Fri Jul-02-21 02:58 PM
and i like them, i've seen them live overseas. the lyrics are a little
thin and they ride a chorus for too long but, i understand that they're
a 'vibe' group. the few that i like, they bang.

-red room
-and we go gentle
-get sun
-sparkle tape break up
3033307, I completely disagree with this take
Posted by Hitokiri, Sat Jul-03-21 10:10 AM
Unless you're referring specifically to this album. This album is lighter in lyrics but as a group with songs like Molasses, The Lung, Fingerprints, Malika, Nakamarra, etc...

lyrically, they're often esoteric and dense but how you could say "thin" is beyond me.

And as far as being a vibe group... with all the weird time signatures, time changes, chord changes, switch-ups. I don't agree at all. Red Room is a vibe song, but outside of that, nah.
3033308, THIS album
Posted by Crash Bandacoot, Sat Jul-03-21 10:54 AM
3033410, RE: yup
Posted by rmcphedr, Wed Jul-14-21 09:01 AM
Compared to the last two, this one falls short... unfortunate, cause it was a long wait and these guys are one of my fave groups.

3033300, It's only been a week
Posted by Numba_33, Fri Jul-02-21 08:22 PM
but I'm curious if 9th Wonder will concoct some new heat from this album like he's done in the past.
3033408, Tiny Desk update
Posted by Numba_33, Wed Jul-14-21 07:20 AM

I'm have to assume this was recorded remotely.
3033422, Patreon subscribers - what's this about a remix comp?
Posted by Options, Thu Jul-15-21 09:21 AM
the new album's still too fresh for me to dive into the discussion, BUT I wanna know what's up with the comp they mentioned. anyone know the deal?
3033425, They didn't say too much
Posted by Hitokiri, Thu Jul-15-21 10:35 AM
Not sure if they mean comp as in compilation or competition but they're talking about running it through discord... which makes me think competition leading to a compilation.
3033435, a competition of some sort
Posted by Options, Thu Jul-15-21 05:43 PM
is just the kind of motivation I need to get off my booty (creatively) and get back to work. I've already been noodling around with a Get Sun remix, and it's the first thing I've come close to actually completing in years.

if I gotta join Discord to get in on it, so be it.
3033427, Now I wonder
Posted by Numba_33, Thu Jul-15-21 12:00 PM
if they'll make stems for all the Mood Valiant tracks available for this remix project. They already provided stems for Red Room and Get Sun if memory serves me right. I'm assuming they'll do their best to restrict the stems to Patreon members only.

I have no interest in trying to cobble together any remixes, but I'd love to get the bass stem for Chivalry Is Not Dead. Paul Bender laid down some serious bass playing on that track.
3033434, wait, what? Red Room stems??
Posted by Options, Thu Jul-15-21 05:39 PM
>They already provided stems for Red Room and Get Sun if memory serves me right.

I knew about the Get Sun stems from the 12" release, but Red Room got them as well? was that a Patreon thing?

Red Room is my JAM!!! if they exist, I need them...
3033436, woah so the stems are def on patreon???
Posted by MeshaMeesh, Thu Jul-15-21 08:07 PM
i love them but not patreon level. BUT to get the stems??? yeup sign me up


3033440, Yes, the Red Room stems are only on Patreon
Posted by Numba_33, Fri Jul-16-21 07:11 AM
The membership costs $5 a month and you don't have to automatically renew the membership. Buy the membership for the one month, download the stems, peruse the rest of the posts, and then when the month is over, you are done with the membership.
3033426, deluxe lp at Turntable Lab
Posted by thebigfunk, Thu Jul-15-21 11:53 AM
This might have been mentioned earlier in the thread but here's a deluxe lp w/gatefold, glow in the dark vinyl, and a booklet, and some other stuff



~ i could still snort you under the table ~
3033747, Hiatus Kaiyote remote Tiny Desk
Posted by Numba_33, Wed Aug-04-21 07:40 AM
NPR link: https://www.npr.org/2021/08/04/1022247453/hiatus-kaiyote-tiny-desk-home-concert

Youtube link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eCK1QnrTXvA
3037060, Mood Valiant gets a remix album on April 8th, Mood Variant
Posted by phemom, Tue Mar-08-22 09:31 PM
Positive: Great list of producers, including people that don't do much remix work.

Negative: No physicals announced (yet?)/Kinda surprised FlyLo didn't remix anything.

Get Sun (Georgia Anne Muldrow Remix)


Red Room (Nick Hakim Remix)



1 Blood And Marrow (Stro Elliot Remix)

2 Get Sun (Georgia Anne Muldrow Remix)

3 Chivalry Is Not Dead (Salami Rose Joe Louis Remix)

4 And We Go Gentle (DJ Khalil Remix)

5 Sparkle Tape Break Up (Mndsgn Remix)

6 All The Words We Don’t Say (Omari Jazz Remix)

7 Rose Water (Silentjay Remix)

8 Sip Into Something Soft (Teebs Remix)

9 Red Room (Ki Pharaoh Basement Edit)

10 Red Room (Nick Hakim Remix)
3037061, RE: Mood Valiant gets a remix album on April 8th, Mood Variant
Posted by thebigfunk, Wed Mar-09-22 06:27 AM
Remix EPs have been back in vogue recently (I think it's a COVID effect) but I don't know that I've seen FlyLo on any of them, which is kind of interesting.

But this list of folks is solid -- should be great.


~ i could still snort you under the table ~
3037065, I could be wrong
Posted by Numba_33, Wed Mar-09-22 11:00 AM
>Negative: No physicals announced (yet?)/Kinda surprised FlyLo
>didn't remix anything.

but I'm assuming IF physical copies of this are released, it'll take a but of time for them to be available for sale. I'm thinking strictly about vinyl since that's the majority of what I purchase these days.
3037363, YO! This Stro Elliot of Blood Marrow?!
Posted by LeroyBumpkin, Fri Apr-08-22 09:55 AM
man look.