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Topic subject2020s Mello Music Group Post
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3030754, 2020s Mello Music Group Post
Posted by Oak27, Tue Mar-16-21 10:18 AM
Still one of the best indie hip hop labels going. I have alerts set for Bandcamp to let me know when new projects are dropping, but even then things still get by me due to the sheer volume of music dropping.

Inspired by the next Mello Music Group compilation album dropping April 2nd.
Bandcamp: https://mellomusicgroup360.bandcamp.com/album/bushido

First two singles dropped the last few weeks (both streamable at the link above)
Joell Ortiz, Namir Blade, Stalley & Solemn Brigham - Black Rock
Oddisee - No Trouble

L'Orange & Namir Blade - Imaginary Everything dropping May 7th. First single "Corner Store Scandal" is streaming on Bandcamp: https://lorange360.bandcamp.com/album/imaginary-everything

While we wait for those, anything MMG dropped in 2020 stand out?