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3032219, just have to up this
Posted by thebigfunk, Sun May-02-21 08:26 AM
Listened again while easing into this morning and there's something really musically rich about this release that is hard to put a finger on. It's a great listen as an album, start to finish, no skips. I'm tired of skits and spoken intros/outros/interludes but even those all work here -- I'm not skipping them.

There's also a positivity that feels very affirming right now - and ont just because of the spoken bits - but that might just be where I am/what I need. Hearing the musicians talking and playing off each other on one or two tracks furthers this too. It's clear he had a great time putting it together and it comes through in the music.

The Zo! collab, too, is so solid musically and feels similarly uplifting.

Hadn't copped physicals yet so doing that now if they're out there, it's well-deserved. Both of these will probably be near the top of my 2021 list.


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