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Topic subjectRE: im a bit curious on that barry gibb one
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3029753, RE: im a bit curious on that barry gibb one
Posted by thebigfunk, Thu Jan-14-21 01:22 PM
>saw it was mostly covers and decided to skip. let me know
>what you think if you check it out.

I haven't listened straight through but have had it come up on my shuffle. It's about what you'd expect: pretty polished studio takes on classic BeeGees tunes but with a bit of a country twist. Most of them so far have been perfectly fine but haven't wowed me. The guest list is great though so I do want to give it a more proper listen.

> on that jazmine
>right now, sounding good.

This is really really good. I need to spend more time with it but first listen through I was very impressed. It got BNM'd on Pitchfork which is good exposure for her; she's been grinding for a while, I'm glad she's getting some shine.


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