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Topic subjectRE: I don't know if Foxxxx fits or not
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3029709, RE: I don't know if Foxxxx fits or not
Posted by Garhart Poppwell, Mon Jan-11-21 05:02 PM
>I think over the course of his entire albums...he’s an
>average MC. Dope for sure but his flow isn’t great and his
>lyrics are pretty basic for the most part.

I like his rhymes a lot and his voice cuts to tape a certain way, but I think he's as good as anyone when it comes to creating tension and a sense of mood on his albums. For me that's what keeps me there, I just love hearing him rap but I get exactly what you're saying

>I’m debating if I would call him average but what’s the
>honest scale here?
>I don’t see average as bad or wack by any means.

I see what you're saying and that honestly makes more sense than how the OP had it set up. That's why I said I'm not sure if he fits or not