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Topic subjectSongs you can't understand why they weren't released
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3029473, Songs you can't understand why they weren't released
Posted by OKdamn, Mon Jan-04-21 05:28 PM
Prince - Adonis & Batsheba

De La Soul - My Mindstate


Prince - In A Large Room With No Light


Prince owns this post
3029476, Nas and AZ - Serious
Posted by DJR, Mon Jan-04-21 06:19 PM
He put out a double album and that didn’t make it?? How?

Nas had a bunch of them though.
3029544, Yeah You Right
Posted by Dj Joey Joe, Wed Jan-06-21 01:46 PM
How you going to release a fucking double disc full of songs and one of the best collabo songs you record and then you decide to just leave off the album?

3029545, Nas OWNS this post. Look at Stillmatic
Posted by Anonymous, Wed Jan-06-21 02:04 PM
Great album that should’ve been greater!

This man left on Smokin’ and Braveheart Party and excluded Doo Rags and Purple.

That alone gives him the crown.

Not to mention the other joints on Lost Tapes that got cut.

If I’m not mistaken, Good Morning was supposed to be on Street’s Disciple too.

And we all know what happened to I Am.
3029505, Latrelle - I Need U (Neptunes)
Posted by OKdamn, Tue Jan-05-21 02:27 PM
3029506, Clipse - Got Caught Dealin pt 2
Posted by OKdamn, Tue Jan-05-21 02:29 PM
3029507, Paul McCartney - Sunshine Sometime
Posted by OKdamn, Tue Jan-05-21 03:01 PM
3029508, Beatles - I'm Looking Through You anthology 2 version
Posted by OKdamn, Tue Jan-05-21 03:15 PM

Better than the LP version
3029661, Bilal's "Love For Sale". The whole thing
Posted by micMajestic, Fri Jan-08-21 09:57 PM
I lost faith in everything Neo Soul related after that album didn't come out.