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Topic subjectSo what happened to The Big Sleepover album?
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3029469, So what happened to The Big Sleepover album?
Posted by Anonymous, Mon Jan-04-21 02:45 PM
Thought that joint was dropping 2020.

Doesn’t seem like they go much traction with those singles they released.
3029470, I think you answered your own question
Posted by Hitokiri, Mon Jan-04-21 03:09 PM
the singles didn't move the needle.
I remember Big Boi saying something to the effect of wanting a slower rollout. Dropping singles to build the anticipation. I don't think that worked though.

Could also be Covid. Can't tour a record.
3029490, I figured timing plays a part.
Posted by phemom, Tue Jan-05-21 07:15 AM
I'm guessing a Big & Sleepy Brown album is probably full of sex & relationship songs....so not putting that out during a pandemic makes sense to me. Add not being able to tour and I get it.

It will probably come out in the spring or early summer.

That said, I think we'll be getting a Big Grams 2...so that's another thing to look forward to.
3029492, I really enjoyed Big Grams
Posted by CherNic, Tue Jan-05-21 09:14 AM
That's one of the last physical CDs I purchased