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Topic subjectJuan Ep is Dead - the podcast returns
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3029285, Juan Ep is Dead - the podcast returns
Posted by natenate101, Tue Dec-29-20 03:07 AM
Was pleasantly surprised to see Cipha and Rosenberg have brought back Juan Ep this month. Just started listening now so not sure if they’ll be returning to their original loose style (i would think so though) or trying something new. The Jay-Z thing they did earlier this year didn’t work for me, too structured and hid their personalities.

I know Rosenberg is polarizing for many, but I enjoy hearing him and Ciph together as their original run of Juan Ep was the first solid hip hop related podcast I found. Now if they could only get the guests NORE does, they’d be in business. I’m just happy to hear one of my old favorites is back. Hope some of you feel similar and give it a listen.