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Topic subjectTo Me R&B Is Mostly "Rhythm & Trap" Now
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3029379, To Me R&B Is Mostly "Rhythm & Trap" Now
Posted by Dj Joey Joe, Thu Dec-31-20 12:41 PM
All I hear on r&b & urban adult contemporary radio stations is trap music, rhythm & trap, & old school (90's to early 00's) hit r&b songs, not much new uptempo r&b songs, neo-soul is basically gone from the airwaves unless that artist has already had a few hits (like Musiq Soulchild, Alicia Keys, Jill Scott, Anthony Hamilton, & Kem), now (in my area of the US) it's unheard of "southern-soul" artists that gets that spotlight over the neo-soul artists and I never cared for that soul mixed with southern blues sound (example: Johnnie Taylor, Dorothy Moore, Latimore, Tyrone Davis, Betty Wright, etc.) but ever since a slew of new artists have been making these silly type "southern soul" songs and creating a million "electric slide" type songs, the older listeners have been eating it up for the past 15 to 20 years.

Anyway, as far as uptempo r&b music goes, I do like it when a new artist makes it onto the radio with a semi-house/house music tune like Phony Ppl with their song "Fkn Around", seems like the pop/top-40 artists are doing more uptempo/edm type songs than r&b artists are; but I will note that when it comes to the slower r&b stuff, it's so slow that it's basically half the tempo as house tunes (110 bpm to 125 bpm) and bootleg house remixes come out weekly of today's slow r&b tunes.