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Topic subjectUnintelligible rap songs and/or albums you fully appreciate.
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3029007, Unintelligible rap songs and/or albums you fully appreciate.
Posted by Numba_33, Mon Dec-14-20 03:30 PM
Post up some songs/albums that you fully appreciate, but you have no clue what the rapper is talking about. One that immediately comes to mind is of course Ghostface's other wordly performance on Supreme Clientele.

What are some other examples?
3029008, MC Solaar ‎– Prose Combat
Posted by Mack, Mon Dec-14-20 03:42 PM
Can't speak a word of French but love this album. Not exactly what you were looking for but wanted to give it a mention.
3029893, Yes!
Posted by herbiehowsermc, Tue Jan-26-21 07:16 PM
I've always wanted to find a translation for this album. But yeah it's been one of my favorite albums since it came out.
3029009, Not sure I can limit it to just one album, but Kurupt comes to mind.
Posted by Brew, Mon Dec-14-20 03:42 PM
Dude is amazing at rhyming words and flowing while saying nothing at all.

And I love it.
3029014, the entire Uptown Saturday Night album
Posted by Dstl1, Mon Dec-14-20 07:50 PM
3029015, My vote as well
Posted by obsidianchrysalis, Mon Dec-14-20 09:07 PM
I have no clue what any of their lyrics mean but they sound so dope.
3029026, Yeah, that’s the number 1 example for me
Posted by DJR, Tue Dec-15-20 08:49 AM
3029031, voted
Posted by maro, Tue Dec-15-20 12:50 PM

3029402, RE: Sonny Chiba is one of the best emcees on Earth
Posted by Garhart Poppwell, Thu Dec-31-20 06:51 PM
3029894, yes indeed
Posted by My_SP1200_Broken_Again, Wed Jan-27-21 10:00 AM
3029805, my immediate thought as well
Posted by 3xKrazy, Wed Jan-20-21 10:55 AM
3029025, CL Smooth at times
Posted by DJR, Tue Dec-15-20 08:49 AM
But I love all of his and Pete’s music regardless. But yeah, sometimes he’s just saying stuff that sounds good when he says it, but doesn’t mean anything.
3029032, voted
Posted by maro, Tue Dec-15-20 12:50 PM

3029033, Das EFX
Posted by maro, Tue Dec-15-20 12:51 PM

3029034, n/m
Posted by maro, Tue Dec-15-20 12:52 PM
3029035, De La Soul at times can do this ...
Posted by maro, Tue Dec-15-20 12:53 PM

3029039, E-40 at times...
Posted by phemom, Tue Dec-15-20 04:46 PM
Sometimes when he start mixing the bay slang with his own language I get lost in it.

I understand the point of the rhymes overall tho.
3029160, A whole lot of Aesop Rock
Posted by Eric B Is Prez, Mon Dec-21-20 11:11 AM
3029287, just signed in to see what ppl think of Whole Lotta Red, lol
Posted by organix, Tue Dec-29-20 09:55 AM
Pierre Bournes production really turned me onto Carti and the new wave of soft mumble rap in general. Die Lit is indeed probably the cream of the crop in this field. Thoughts on the new album?


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3029731, Kool Keith & Sir Menelik
Posted by Original Juice, Tue Jan-12-21 03:03 PM
on Dr.Octagon/Octagynecologist
3029804, Mach Hommy be like...
Posted by nativesun07, Wed Jan-20-21 10:29 AM
"I built a baseball diamond in the sticks in the middle of a cornfield with 8 balls flying. hit or miss."

but thats a simple one.
yo really be spitting some shit I don't get. But I'm comforted by the fact that he knows what the fk he talking about, and maybe one day I'll get an "oh isht!!!" moment.....<----thats one of my favorite parts of hip hop....listening to a song for the 32nd time and finally catching that line.
3029808, digiable Planets Blowout ocmb
Posted by handle, Wed Jan-20-21 12:06 PM
it's got a VIBE for sure, but it's too dense to be understandable.

Just listened to it again last night when hiking.