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Topic subjectI kept quite a few but my *prize* is from an Outkast show
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3028338, I kept quite a few but my *prize* is from an Outkast show
Posted by CherNic, Wed Nov-11-20 09:52 AM
this is low-key embarrassing lol but when they did their tour in 2014 they initially only announced 1 Atlanta date. I knew someone that worked for Ticketmaster so I was able to get a ticket before they sold out (which they did in like 8 minutes).

Then they dropped two more shows. And I wanted to see the Sunday lineup instead of the original Saturday show that I had. I was HUSLTING. So I still have my original Saturday ticket, the pdf ticket from the Sunday show, the wristband from the show - AND the ad they put in one of our local papers announcing the show. At some point I'm going to frame it.