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Topic subjectWow, I've never heard of someone else doing this.
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3028337, Wow, I've never heard of someone else doing this.
Posted by dagu, Wed Nov-11-20 09:39 AM
>As time has gone on, many venues have opted out of hard
>tickets for e-tickets within the platform of purchase, PDF
>tickets, etc. But, if at all possible, I've still paid the
>extra shipping fee or made my way to will call to get that
>physical souvenir.

I have all of mine on a cork board but I'll probably end up putting them into an album of some sort later. It would be a shame if that ended, whenever shows really start get going again that is. I'm starting to see a few artists that I would be interested in announce shown in my city but (pandemic aside) the cost is way too high right now.