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Topic subjectWhere all my bitches......and they all gone.
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3027982, Where all my bitches......and they all gone.
Posted by phemom, Tue Oct-27-20 02:54 PM
LOL.....but yeah this is pretty much a perfect album to me. Only flaw being "Good Clothes".....and even that isn't wack, it's just all the other records are way better.

I love that when they would perform the records from Getback from they they would go from the end to the beginning of the record.

I think Getback is just a really relatable record. I've seen people go through what "After Party" was about...."Sirens" fit with even goes on today,

Do wish the song with Bilal that ended up on Leftback had made it....would've been a perfect ending. Not that there's anything wrong with "When Everything Is New" tho.