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Topic subjectCan we revisit “GetBack”?
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3027918, Can we revisit “GetBack”?
Posted by DJR, Sun Oct-25-20 12:12 PM
I saw on twitter/IG a couple days ago, that it dropped on that day in ‘07. (GotDamn, time passes like Brett Fav-re”

This seems like the polarizing LB album in that it’s the cutoff point for some. First official album without 9th, different sounding beats. Some haven’t ever really moved past the groups initial run with 9th, and not having those same type of beats they had in the 9th era. And some went with the progression. Where do you stand?

Anyone changed their mind?

Anyone listened to GetBack recently?

Personally I loved the album from day 1, and played it just as much as The Listening and Minstrel Show. It’s not those magical early 9th beats, but it still knocks and it works for them.

I think a strong argument can be made that this was the best that Phonte and Pooh both ever rapped.(think you can also say the same for MTLW). Topics, songs, bars....it’s all there. Album so strong with Sirens and Can’t Win For Losing. And then I think that 3 song run to close the album: That Ain’t Love, Dreams, and When Everything Is New, is an all time great stretch of songs - especially to end an album. And Dreams: you can argue that’s their best overall song ever. It’s gotta be top 5 at the worst.