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Topic subjectCan we revisit “GetBack”?
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3027918, Can we revisit “GetBack”?
Posted by DJR, Sun Oct-25-20 12:12 PM
I saw on twitter/IG a couple days ago, that it dropped on that day in ‘07. (GotDamn, time passes like Brett Fav-re”

This seems like the polarizing LB album in that it’s the cutoff point for some. First official album without 9th, different sounding beats. Some haven’t ever really moved past the groups initial run with 9th, and not having those same type of beats they had in the 9th era. And some went with the progression. Where do you stand?

Anyone changed their mind?

Anyone listened to GetBack recently?

Personally I loved the album from day 1, and played it just as much as The Listening and Minstrel Show. It’s not those magical early 9th beats, but it still knocks and it works for them.

I think a strong argument can be made that this was the best that Phonte and Pooh both ever rapped.(think you can also say the same for MTLW). Topics, songs, bars....it’s all there. Album so strong with Sirens and Can’t Win For Losing. And then I think that 3 song run to close the album: That Ain’t Love, Dreams, and When Everything Is New, is an all time great stretch of songs - especially to end an album. And Dreams: you can argue that’s their best overall song ever. It’s gotta be top 5 at the worst.

3027921, It was pretty good.
Posted by stone_phalanges, Sun Oct-25-20 12:46 PM
I feel about the same as back then. It was good but certainly missing something that I don't think any of the albums had until May The Lord Watch.
3027923, When Everything Is New introduced me to Zo!
Posted by LeroyBumpkin, Sun Oct-25-20 01:29 PM
That's a top 5 Little Brother song for me.

But I dig this record a lot.

- Two Step Blues
- Can't Win For Losing
- After The Party
- Extra Hard
- That Ain't Love

I don't care what anyone says, I think it's a very solid follow up to The Minstrel Show. Left Back is the only joint I haven't really gave much time to.
3027924, it’s such a great album closer
Posted by DJR, Sun Oct-25-20 01:39 PM
Yeah, Two Step Blues has always been another favorite and After The Party....smh. Poignant as hell and funny as hell at the same time. That’s not easy to pull off.
3030174, RE: it’s such a great album closer
Posted by 6thSense, Wed Feb-10-21 04:57 PM
it's an awesome album closer

one of Tay's best melodies and the harmony is great too.

Also... when they performed it live it would GO OFF

3027926, This album is solid. 'Dreams' is one of my favorite LB tracks.
Posted by Oak27, Sun Oct-25-20 04:19 PM
Every now and then you gotta ask yourself
Do you really want to win
or just look good losing?
3027950, Dreams is the shit.
Posted by cidolfas, Mon Oct-26-20 12:32 PM
3027927, This is my second favorite of theirs behind The Minstrel Show
Posted by obsidianchrysalis, Sun Oct-25-20 05:26 PM
The production had more variety than their first two albums which I appreciated. And like another poster said, the rhyming was as good as it has been with the duo.

To give a sports analogy, this was like the '95 or '96 Bulls that balled out to prove that they could be successful without Mike.

GetBack wasn't quite as good as The Minstrel Show but it more than held its own.
3027929, "Two Step Blues" was the one off that
Posted by hammam, Sun Oct-25-20 06:52 PM
Nottz killed this beat
3027930, That’s a great one
Posted by DJR, Sun Oct-25-20 07:41 PM
Nottz definitely did his thing with that one. Off topic but related: I love that Nottz and Pooh album.
3027937, ME TOO.
Posted by Brew, Sun Oct-25-20 08:14 PM
That was one of my favorite albums of that year. I still listen to it fairly often. Every song was heat on that joint.

>Off topic but
>related: I love that Nottz and Pooh album.
3027935, Yea that beat's fire. Same sample as "Think About It" by Snoop.
Posted by Brew, Sun Oct-25-20 08:11 PM
3030173, RE: Yea that beat's fire. Same sample as "Think About It" by Snoop.
Posted by 6thSense, Wed Feb-10-21 04:56 PM

3027932, I have always loved this album
Posted by seandammit, Sun Oct-25-20 07:56 PM
Probably rank it second right behind ‘The Listening.’

While I appreciate the chemistry and sound they built with 9th, I didn’t miss it here (and still didn’t miss it on MTLW). It’s been pointed out that this may be the most “spitting-est” lol album from Pooh and Tay, and I’d add that it may have the most bangin’-est beats as well.

3027934, I think this album and MTLW both show....
Posted by DJR, Sun Oct-25-20 08:07 PM
that there’s a lot of great producers out there who can give them great production that fits them, and that LB knows exactly how to pick them.
Posted by nativesun07, Mon Oct-26-20 07:52 AM
If I can get over the magic surrounding my first experience with The Listening, I would probably admit that i have listened to Getback more
3027944, Spotify only has the Instrumental version?
Posted by maro, Mon Oct-26-20 08:15 AM
Can someone else confirm this....

The have both the Clean and Dirty "instro" versions. Uhhh what?

3027945, Yea this has annoyed me for a while lol.
Posted by Brew, Mon Oct-26-20 09:01 AM
3027946, I love that it's the *clean* instrumentals lol, wtf is that?
Posted by Oak27, Mon Oct-26-20 09:28 AM
3027961, yeah, true. None of that makes sense to me either
Posted by DJR, Mon Oct-26-20 06:29 PM
3027982, Where all my bitches......and they all gone.
Posted by phemom, Tue Oct-27-20 02:54 PM
LOL.....but yeah this is pretty much a perfect album to me. Only flaw being "Good Clothes".....and even that isn't wack, it's just all the other records are way better.

I love that when they would perform the records from Getback from they they would go from the end to the beginning of the record.

I think Getback is just a really relatable record. I've seen people go through what "After Party" was about...."Sirens" fit with even goes on today,

Do wish the song with Bilal that ended up on Leftback had made it....would've been a perfect ending. Not that there's anything wrong with "When Everything Is New" tho.
3028086, The bonus tracks were fire
Posted by spenzalii, Fri Oct-30-20 03:43 PM
Pooh's verse on 'System' was my life at one point

Dreams is still that shit. Tay summed up so many families in his verse
3028093, Anyone have this on vinyl?
Posted by murderbear, Fri Oct-30-20 07:49 PM
it's been on my wishlist for a minute, but I never run into it
3028095, Man i bought this at a show
Posted by josephmurf2384, Sat Oct-31-20 01:05 AM
one of the mini tours before they officially broke up. I saw it recently somewhere to. Just looked for it on Spotify and you all are right only the instrumentals and Leftback which i believe are remixes.
3028136, made me want a LB/Kev Brown album
Posted by Garhart Poppwell, Sun Nov-01-20 05:18 PM
it's not a bad album but I didn't like the production as much as I liked how they tore through the beats
3028138, This album proved that they didn’t need 9th to produce everything
Posted by ChampD1012, Mon Nov-02-20 08:07 AM
I standby that it’s a classic album...

3030136, This is back on streaming platforms
Posted by Oak27, Tue Feb-09-21 10:43 AM
3030140, Saw that
Posted by DJR, Tue Feb-09-21 01:01 PM
It’s an album I have on my phone, but now I’ll play it on Spotify when I listen, just to run their numbers up.

Saw that And Justus For All, Separate But Equal, and Leftback are back on there too.

Good to see their whole catalogue is up there now. IMO GetBack is an album that could easily grab and stand out to a new listener, so I’m glad for them that’s it’s on there too.
3030142, Nice. Now we just need to figure out how to get "I See Now" back up.
Posted by Brew, Tue Feb-09-21 01:47 PM
3030186, RE: Nice. Now we just need to figure out how to get "I See Now" back up.
Posted by Crash85, Thu Feb-11-21 01:45 AM
It’s on apple.
3030254, on spotify it's listed as a deluxe
Posted by thebigfunk, Sat Feb-13-21 11:04 AM
I wonder if it might get a vinyl reissue...


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