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Topic subjectCan't Knock the Shuffle podcast (Stony Island Audio Network)
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3027364, Can't Knock the Shuffle podcast (Stony Island Audio Network)
Posted by seandammit, Thu Oct-08-20 10:21 PM
As we are now steeped in the hip hop podcast renaissance...

Happy to announce I've launched a new show on Open Mike Eagle's Stony Island Audio network (home of his excellent Prince Paul interview series 'What Had Happened Was'.) The show is called 'Can't Knock the Shuffle' and the first episode premiered this week:


The concept is simple: Every song has a story, but some get lost in the shuffle. Each week, I sit with some of hip hop's most prolific artists, throw their catalog into a randomized playlist, and what ensues is a discussion about the songs that don't always get talked about.

This week's episode features the homie MURS, and we delve into some stories he's never told before behind seven randomly selected songs from his 600+ song catalog.

Anyway, thought I'd share here. Might post weekly updates with each new guest. Cheers!