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Topic subjectDee-1 and Murs - He's The Christian, I'm The Rapper (dope project)
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3027034, Dee-1 and Murs - He's The Christian, I'm The Rapper (dope project)
Posted by spirit, Mon Sep-21-20 06:00 PM

Dee-1 is easily my favorite Christian rapper out. My introduction to him was through Mannie Fresh, I didn't even know he was a Christian rapper at first. He's still rapping at a top level and Murs has never failed me with the songwriting. So, if you ever a fan of either, this album is definitely worth a listen for you. I'm listening now as I type this and I just wanted to put something up about it. Production is good throughout (Curtis King produced throughout, I never heard of him before). Ridiculous range of topics covered. Hope these guys make more projects together. More thoughts later, I worked ten hours today.


Spirit (Alan)