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Topic subjectDee-1 and Murs - He's The Christian, I'm The Rapper (dope project)
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3027034, Dee-1 and Murs - He's The Christian, I'm The Rapper (dope project)
Posted by spirit, Mon Sep-21-20 06:00 PM

Dee-1 is easily my favorite Christian rapper out. My introduction to him was through Mannie Fresh, I didn't even know he was a Christian rapper at first. He's still rapping at a top level and Murs has never failed me with the songwriting. So, if you ever a fan of either, this album is definitely worth a listen for you. I'm listening now as I type this and I just wanted to put something up about it. Production is good throughout (Curtis King produced throughout, I never heard of him before). Ridiculous range of topics covered. Hope these guys make more projects together. More thoughts later, I worked ten hours today.


Spirit (Alan)
3027035, That is definitely the longest outro ever LOL
Posted by spirit, Mon Sep-21-20 08:02 PM
I bet these dude spontaneously do start freestyling mid convo tho

Also Free MAC. Who was one heckuva good off the top freestyler, coincidentally, at least back in the day anyway.


Spirit (Alan)
3027036, Interesting. I only know Dee1 from that one song he did ...
Posted by Brew, Mon Sep-21-20 08:03 PM
... where he pretended he met like JayZ, Lil Wayne, and ... some other artist, maybe Kanye, talking about what he thought they should be doing with their platform. Cool concept, I enjoyed the song enough, but never ended up following up and exploring his music any further.

I'll check this out - thanks. Big Murs fan always.
3027037, I also didn't know Dee-1 was a Christian rapper
Posted by mrhood75, Mon Sep-21-20 09:54 PM
First time I heard him was the Jay-Z/Lil Wayne/50 Cent song mentioned above. And I remember him on the MURS & Ski Beatz album from like 2012 (he was on a song with MURS and Tabi Bonney). And then I remember him from an episode of Treme.

Almost through it, and I'm digging it. Their styles contrast well, and Curtiss King is ill on the beats. Love the soul/gospel samples.
3027046, no offense.. whats a christian rapper?
Posted by My_SP1200_Broken_Again, Tue Sep-22-20 11:36 AM
...i ask because so many mc's include spirituality and religion in their rhymes ...is this more based on samples used to construct the beats?

3027050, someone who aligns their song execution with scripture?
Posted by spirit, Tue Sep-22-20 02:00 PM
It's a bit hard to define, as is every subgenre in hip-hop, if you really think about it. Battle rappers also tell stories. Gangsta rappers have sociopolitical tracks. Et cetera.


Spirit (Alan)
3027047, RE: Dee-1 and Murs - He's The Christian, I'm The Rapper (dope project)
Posted by stone_phalanges, Tue Sep-22-20 11:46 AM
I like this. I could use more Christian rap in my life.
3027048, Tough Questions...
Posted by stone_phalanges, Tue Sep-22-20 12:00 PM
...very dope song, but it's funny because he answers so few of the questions directly.
3027052, Yeah, I think Murs needed a better retort partner for that one
Posted by spirit, Tue Sep-22-20 02:01 PM
Theologians don't often write rhymes in my experience, though. Maybe Cornel West could jump on the remix LOL


Spirit (Alan)
3027049, I really like this song/beat.
Posted by Brew, Tue Sep-22-20 01:38 PM
3027180, That was legit dope
Posted by obsidianchrysalis, Mon Sep-28-20 11:23 PM
Thanks for posting this.