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Topic subjectWax Poetic coming back (link)
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3027001, Wax Poetic coming back (link)
Posted by JAke_one, Sun Sep-20-20 04:42 PM
Looks like vol. 2.0 coming in 2021.

How y’all feel about this?

3027003, hmm
Posted by Options, Sun Sep-20-20 07:22 PM
I'm really only in for physical items I can actually hold, so the digital stuff doesn't move my needle much, but I'm still considering it...

am I correct in assuming the two yearly "journals" are similar to the Anthology joints they put out in the past?
3027005, RE: Wax Poetic coming back (link)
Posted by thebigfunk, Mon Sep-21-20 07:59 AM
Thanks for sharing.

It sounds really interesting but I'm admittedly a bit skeptical. What they're attempting to do - build a sort of digital space for new content - is a really big undertaking in terms of delivering stuff regularly while keeping the high standards and feel of the old print edition. Big and likely very expensive. If they had a hard time keeping the old edition sustainable, is it likely that they can transition to this new concept and be more profitable?

That said, I'll probably support for the first year and see what happens. If back issues are in the mix, too, that will be a big plus.


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3027006, also skeptical on digital but I want that dance floor issue
Posted by CherNic, Mon Sep-21-20 08:16 AM
I probably won't give but I'm happy they got funded. Maybe if this works they'll expand back to more print
3027106, thanks 4 the heads up
Posted by Voodoochilde, Thu Sep-24-20 09:17 PM
...thinking about doing one year, we'll have to see how the wallet is looking though...

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