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Topic subjectTwitter thread on Kanye's flawed understanding of the worth of his masters
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3026939, Twitter thread on Kanye's flawed understanding of the worth of his masters
Posted by obsidianchrysalis, Fri Sep-18-20 02:15 AM
(Former?) OKP naima posted the thread below about Kanye's likely mistaken understanding about the implications of his ownership of his masters. The thread is about 10 or so tweets but it's a good read.

3026941, thanks for sharing this
Posted by thebigfunk, Fri Sep-18-20 07:24 AM
This was really insightful.

Although record contracts are often notoriously exploitative, the common logic of "label = bad" and "they shouldn't own my masters, ever" is waaaay to simple. When big names (in Ye's case, billionaires) go on these tirades, it's hard for me to rack up a whole lot of sympathy, if only because they conviently leave everything the label *does* do for them.

Like, you know, pay for your record to be made...

There's some bad faith arguing sometimes that just isn't right.

That said, I'm not crying tears for labels, either, not by any stretch.


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3026970, Good points
Posted by obsidianchrysalis, Fri Sep-18-20 04:32 PM
A little further down in the mentions, another user mentioned that Ye is consistently late with his releases and over-budget (according to the poster by 7-figure amounts). You'd figure that the label is making money off his sales but by giving Kanye his masters may be giving up any real way of making money from his music.
3026971, a few threads out there breaking down how Ye himself has
Posted by Stadiq, Fri Sep-18-20 05:20 PM

Screwed over artists.

Fuck this attention-seeking clown.
3026958, Thanks - very insightful for sure.
Posted by Brew, Fri Sep-18-20 10:51 AM
3026960, Nice little read to better undersand labels/masters/contracts etc.
Posted by Hitokiri, Fri Sep-18-20 11:34 AM
And lofl at that dumbass in the thread calling Kanye a One-Hit Wonder.
People are stupid as shit.
3026989, I won't pretend that I understand recording contracts but...
Posted by phemom, Sat Sep-19-20 06:20 PM
Going millions over budget on almost every project Ye has ever done has gotta have some sort of consequences to it.