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Topic subjectyeah I don't get it. Lesson for new rappers? Get a gimmick
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3026869, yeah I don't get it. Lesson for new rappers? Get a gimmick
Posted by Stadiq, Tue Sep-15-20 11:48 AM

be loosely associated with a much, much better rapper (who also has a gimmick I admit)

Use that gimmick to get certain white "tastemaker" producer's attention...

add in super original shit like "hahaha hahaha" and gun adlibs.

Say outlandish shit in your rhymes so that nerds can feel tough while listening.

Boom. You're a star.

And even if you like this fantasy rap...I mean, as soon as Gibbs started spitting I was reminded "oh, you CAN rap like this and still be fresh and gimmick free"

Don't get me wrong, dude isn't bad. This is okay. But its crazy to me that more people can't see/talk honestly about the non-musical attraction of these guys.

I know I made that Boldly James thread, but there are others. My favorite Conway track just so happens to feature Mega...

Why does Conway deserve so much more love/praise than Mega? Or any other number of rappers out there who haven't gotten their flowers.

These dudes just aren't original at all, either. They have leveraged their various gimmicks and Alc connection to some nice production...that's about it.

And again, when guys like Gibbs or Meth or Mega rap alongside them? shiiit. You're reminded you were listening to the "beginners hour" at an open mic or some shit.

I'm glad yall are enjoying it I guess, but I don't get it. At all. And I would definitely like to see some rappers who are at least as good (if not a lot better) get more love.