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Topic subjectIt really is an excellent album
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3026866, It really is an excellent album
Posted by DJR, Mon Sep-14-20 07:42 PM
I’ll post my “take” on the album here that I posted in the Griselda thread:

“Seen Everything But Jesus” is the standout to me. I keep playing that one over and over. Kinda reminds me of some like 2002-03 underdog 50 Cent - in a good way. It was good to see him incorporate a strong hook, without losing that griminess.

Really like “Jesus Khrysis” too. Khrysis is just a monster - glad he got a beat on here.

Had already heard “Front Lines” but I’m glad they put it on here. That second verse is too good.

Obviously “Spurs 3” is a cant miss.

I like that he kept the core producers on here: Daringer, Beat Butcha, and Alchemist and brought in others whose production brings something a little different but still fit the aesthetic. From the legends Premo, Havoc, Sermon, and Rockwilder.....to Hit Boy who brought it too. I’m a fan of Dej Loaf’s features too. That song was a great one to have near the beginning of the album.

Only song I’ve been skipping is Anza, but part of the reason for that is that it’s sandwiched in between two of the best songs, and content wise and sonically it doesn’t really fit at that point in the album IMO. That’s my only complaint so far. Conway is having a great year