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Topic subjectNew Release Friday - 2020-08-28
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3026606, New Release Friday - 2020-08-28
Posted by thebigfunk, Fri Aug-28-20 10:34 AM
Interesting week based on what I've seen so far.

I've been waiting for a while on the new Angel Olsen, A Whole New Mess, which is mostly a minimalist/acoustic-ish version of last year's All Mirrors... already gave it a listen this morning, it's not massively revelatory or anything, but it's a nice companion to the original album and the new tracks are great... I'll share thoughts later for anyone interested.

Some other stuff on my radar:

Disclosure - Energy

Jyoti/Georgia Anne Muldrow - Mama You Can Bet

Kelly Lee Owens - Inner Song

Skyler Skjelset - Back In Heaven

Aluna - Renaissance (can I get this without vocals? gave this a spin while running some errands and thought the productions was often really good but the vocals just aren't hitting it for me)

What is everyone looking forward to?


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