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Topic subjectD’Angelo beat tape part 2
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3025780, D’Angelo beat tape part 2
Posted by cbk, Wed Jul-15-20 11:35 AM
(For those who don’t visit General; I also first posted the OG tape here back in the day, so full circle 🤘)

Free download:


Some notes...

I sampled every single song D’Angelo touched.

Including all the soundtrack songs and features.

And all the rap features too.

I even sampled all the songs D’Angelo sampled.

And that Slingbaum track got in last minute.

BlackMessiah_ALL sampled all the songs on the Black Messiah album (same with BrownSugar_ALL, Voodoo_ALL, etc.).

There are 132 chops on the Unshaken flip.

And I did everything on my iPhone.

Thanks for listening 💜