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Topic subjectI think this new Warren G track could be my song of the summer
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3025747, I think this new Warren G track could be my song of the summer
Posted by reaction, Tue Jul-14-20 12:18 PM
So smooth, Ty Dolla Sign does a good job filling in for what would be a great Nate Dogg chorus.


3025754, smooth! That’s classic Warren
Posted by DJR, Tue Jul-14-20 03:11 PM
And yeah, Nate would’ve been great on that. Really miss Nate.

Warren is easily one of my favorite all time producers.
3025853, yep:-(
Posted by 3xKrazy, Sun Jul-19-20 09:13 AM
> Really miss
3025769, Weird timing - I just had a lengthy "Warren G is hella underrated" ...
Posted by Brew, Tue Jul-14-20 10:28 PM
... discussion with a good friend via text on Thursday.

I think "Recognize" or some other song from Regulate..G Funk Era had come up on shuffle so I texted him just to make that observation then we got into a long discussion about his production chops and how he's still dropping gems today. This being one of them.

Anyway I agree - beat is fire, and vintage Warren G summer shit. So chill and easygoing, and dope. Also agree that Nate would've been PERFECT for this song. Like DJR said I miss that dude so so so so much.
3025854, please link me to some? thx
Posted by 3xKrazy, Sun Jul-19-20 09:15 AM
> how he's still dropping gems today. This
>being one of them.
3025782, Dope.
Posted by Airbreed, Wed Jul-15-20 02:05 PM
3025806, I Don't Care For It Much
Posted by Dj Joey Joe, Thu Jul-16-20 05:29 PM
It's okay but when Ty comes in, I'm less interested in hearing the rest of the song; from the description I thought this was going to be on some 213 type vibe, nope.

3025828, speaking of 213
Posted by makaveli, Fri Jul-17-20 11:41 AM
anyone know why the album is not on Spotify?
3025835, 213 Is On There
Posted by Dj Joey Joe, Fri Jul-17-20 07:38 PM
Here goes the lank: https://open.spotify.com/album/353zXoWowe4t9BlxhNprdY

3025836, It says “song unavailable” when I try to play it
Posted by DJR, Fri Jul-17-20 08:04 PM
Could it depend on type of subscription?
3025858, same for me, I can see the album but songs all the songs
Posted by makaveli, Sun Jul-19-20 04:24 PM
are grayed out.