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Posted by Robert, Fri Jul-24-20 11:31 AM
- the sound on these is already a noticeable notch above the ATs--feels like it's a "wider" frequency response

- it's "touchscreen" controls (just a flat pad on the right ear cup and you swipe your finger accordingly to play-pause/volume control/ffwd-rwd). it'll take some getting used to but im sure ill prefer in end

- my only minor gripes are design-related..you twist the earcup to turn on/off? (just give me a simple button) the buttons to control features (noise-cancelling, some other "effect" thing and the bluetooth switch) are kinda on the small side..and to me doesnt give a clear "it's now on or it's now off" regardless of what side you have it on

feel free to ignore my gripes though..im the type of person where even if a 100 people tell me "drop the iphone & get a samsung", i'll stick with the iphone just because i simply dont want to learn a whole new phone at this point (regardless of how superior it is)

(person that first recommended these sennheisers..thank you though. like i said the sound is fantastic..if you have any random thoughts on how to make these more user-friendly for the newbie, feel free to chime in..)