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Topic subjectBest 12-bar loops
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3025737, Best 12-bar loops
Posted by Mello, Mon Jul-13-20 11:06 PM
Obviously Tip is the master of this (Lyrics to Go, Electric Relaxation, Gettin’ Up), I’m looking for other songs that use the 12-bar to perfection. Does not have to be hip hop only. Something about the dynamic created from this has always just felt right to me.
3025739, No snark - do you mean 3-bar?
Posted by bills, Tue Jul-14-20 03:55 AM
If what I said doesn't make sense...its mad late lol
3025740, 3-bar is obviously Stakes Is High also
Posted by Anonymous, Tue Jul-14-20 07:30 AM
Nas’ U Gotta Love It has an odd bar and a half bass line probably making it a 3 bar loop.
3025761, Good one.
Posted by Mello, Tue Jul-14-20 07:27 PM
Will check out the Nas.
3025760, Lol
Posted by Mello, Tue Jul-14-20 07:26 PM
My definition is jacked up obviously. I count to four three times instead of four, so I thought instead of 16 it’s 12. But right, instead of four it’s three.