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Topic subjectEgo Ella May - Honey for Wounds (Neo-Soul)
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3025617, Ego Ella May - Honey for Wounds (Neo-Soul)
Posted by Kosa12, Tue Jul-07-20 02:39 PM
This is an absolutely gorgeous Neo-Soul record that features instrumentation from some players from the London Jazz scene like Alfa Mist and Joe Armon Jones. My favorite tracks right now are "Table for One", "Girls Don't Always Sing About Boys" and "Science". Found out about her via Cleo Sol's twitter (who also released a great neo-soul album this year, 'Rose in The Dark').

3025620, thanks!!!
Posted by c71, Tue Jul-07-20 03:59 PM
3025644, i like her, didn't know about the new project though, thank you!
Posted by wrecknoble, Wed Jul-08-20 02:28 PM