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Topic subjectHavoc breaks down the making of 'Shook Ones' on Song Exploder podcast
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3025552, Havoc breaks down the making of 'Shook Ones' on Song Exploder podcast
Posted by Options, Thu Jul-02-20 07:18 PM
I haven't had the chance to listen myself yet, but: https://songexploder.net/mobb-deep

Song Exploder, for those who don't know, is a podcast where an artist picks one of their songs and explains how they made it, oftentimes getting into inspirations and featuring multi-track breakdowns. it's good.

in the past they've featured Solange, Janelle Monae, FKA Twigs, Gorillaz, and the composers for the Stranger Things and Game of Thrones themes.
3025557, At this point, there's not much new info surrounding this song
Posted by seandammit, Fri Jul-03-20 01:10 AM
Having said that, I love 'Song Exploder' and Havoc gave some cool insight, and it's just dope to hear the build-up of the track. I'm a big fan of this show.
3025558, Thanks for this.
Posted by JFrost1117, Fri Jul-03-20 01:52 AM
I went through the feed and grabbed a few of them. Some of them are the right artist but the wrong song I'd wanna hear a breakdown of. I'd listen to hours of Big Boi breaking down anything from the Earthtone3 days.
3025559, RE: Thanks for this.
Posted by Options, Fri Jul-03-20 06:12 AM
yeah, the track Big Boi highlighted in his ep was 'eh' for me. ah, well.
3028476, I caught the Ty$ episode of the Netflix version.
Posted by JFrost1117, Mon Nov-16-20 11:41 PM
The breakdown of the instrumental ends up being pretty dope.