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Topic subjectAight...let’s settle this...Can’t Wait vs Funkorama
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3025305, Aight...let’s settle this...Can’t Wait vs Funkorama
Posted by Anonymous, Wed Dec-31-69 07:00 PM
Which is the best Redman joint?

And if you have another option, I don’t give a fuck.


Poll question: Aight...let’s settle this...Can’t Wait vs Funkorama

Poll result (10 votes)
“Bruce Lee ridin’ a Fuji in a movie” (5 votes)Vote
“Make the bully on the block move and get new locks!” (5 votes)Vote


3025306, voted red
Posted by DJR, Tue Jun-23-20 09:21 PM
but “Tonight’s Da Night”
3025307, Funkorama is a absolutely gorgeous...
Posted by Dstl1, Tue Jun-23-20 09:24 PM
my top 5 Redman songs.
3025308, Worn out both songs over the years
Posted by obsidianchrysalis, Wed Jun-24-20 02:28 AM
But I give Can't Wait the slight nod.
3025320, "... I make computers catch amnesia"
Posted by moonsatellite, Wed Jun-24-20 12:48 PM
I logged in just to vote blue. Big Up.
3025321, voting for that sexy clear green vinyl....
Posted by My_SP1200_Broken_Again, Wed Jun-24-20 01:07 PM
3025325, Two top 10 (at least) Redman songs
Posted by mrhood75, Wed Jun-24-20 01:55 PM
Never thought about it. **Maybe** Can't Wait, but I'm not committed to that.
3025327, Ok...I know I said I don’t give a fuck but
Posted by Anonymous, Wed Jun-24-20 02:28 PM
I would love to see what other 10 Redman songs are potentially better than these two.

I was assuming people would say Tonight’s The Night and I’m sure there’s 1 or 2 off of Muddy Waters but damn...you said that these were 2 of the (maybe) top 10??!!

Which means you have 10 songs better than these two?

I’d love to see that list.
3025330, Dawg, I said they're at least in the top 10. With the potential to be higher
Posted by mrhood75, Wed Jun-24-20 03:12 PM
Like, they could be in the top 5.

Don't know where you got I said they'd be outside the top 10.
3025331, Either way...I needs to know the other 8
Posted by Anonymous, Wed Jun-24-20 03:50 PM
These two outside of the top 5 is unacceptable.

3025346, cant wait but if we can count the remix ill say funkorama
Posted by JAESCOTT777, Wed Jun-24-20 08:31 PM
3025349, "Funkarama" Is Just Pure Dope, Original & Remix Version
Posted by Dj Joey Joe, Thu Jun-25-20 12:33 AM
I will say that I didn't care for "I Can't Wait" that much until I heard the "Remix #2" version which seems to be just Red & Erick playing around in the studio & recorded a different version for the hell of it.

"I Can't Wait (Remix #2)": https://youtu.be/NcxSnTUxMPM