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Topic subjectHas anyone documented what sounds EQ'd for 2020 on Spotify?
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3025093, Has anyone documented what sounds EQ'd for 2020 on Spotify?
Posted by Nodima, Wed Jun-10-20 02:33 AM
We're adjusting the feel of the restaurant I work at a lot while we have the time to do so and one of the things our chef asked for was little sprinklings of older hip-hop, inspired by when I let Tribe's "Oh My God (Remix)" into a ramshackle one night only playlist a few weeks ago. But I've been having a ton of trouble figuring out what's going to sound good over the Sonos system because of the wild fluctuation in mastering techniques. Like, it's bizarre to me that Digable Planets' "Where I'm From" is damn near mute while JVC Force's "Strong Island" is a total banger. Both sound great at home on a basic Klipsch 2.1 system, but at work some songs are practically non resonant.

I can rock "Bassline" by Mantronix but, ironically, "This Beat Kicks" by T La Rock is like attending a silent film.

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