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Topic subjectWestside Gunn - Pray for Paris
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3023841, Westside Gunn - Pray for Paris
Posted by Mgmt, Fri Apr-17-20 09:06 AM
That “$500 Ounces” man
3023844, Shawn vs. Flair !!!!!!!! Preemo, with those Phife scratches!!!!!
Posted by My_SP1200_Broken_Again, Fri Apr-17-20 09:48 AM
3023847, AOTY contender for sure
Posted by mista k5, Fri Apr-17-20 10:11 AM
i cant pick a favorite song. it is all going into rotation. he got tyler to rap, premier came through, always love alchemist. what more can you say?
3023852, I just don’t like this dude
Posted by Anonymous, Fri Apr-17-20 10:32 AM
3023865, Did Gibbs have the best verse on this whole project?
Posted by Numba_33, Fri Apr-17-20 12:33 PM
Him rhyming Balenciaga so effortlessly has me in awe.

To post something positive about Westside Gunn, the man has a stellar ear for beats. I'd love to see him Executive Produce more than drop bars these days. That loop for French Toast is so simple yet effective. I wonder how much of that was played versus what was sampled.
3023866, that load management line was tough...
Posted by Dstl1, Fri Apr-17-20 12:46 PM
not really a Gibbs fan , but he skated on that beat.
3023870, I know he really doesn't wanna rap like that
Posted by Mafamaticks, Fri Apr-17-20 02:15 PM
And a piece of me wants him to relax and control the Griselda brand/manage the group or whatever.

But when he keeps dropping projects like this I'm gonna miss him if/when he does.
3023871, He’s said before that 2020 is it for him as far as rapping goes
Posted by DJR, Fri Apr-17-20 03:22 PM
3023880, RE: He’s said before that 2020 is it for him as far as rapping goes
Posted by Numba_33, Fri Apr-17-20 06:38 PM


After FKTG, GDMM and EIF4.... Conway out ✌🏿
3023882, That man raps too well to stop!
Posted by DJR, Fri Apr-17-20 07:10 PM
Take a break maybe, but cmon.
3024009, Gibbs aint stopping. WSG said he's stopping.
Posted by High Society, Wed Apr-22-20 10:52 PM
3024012, ? That’s Conway’s twitter that he linked
Posted by DJR, Thu Apr-23-20 08:11 AM
3024021, my bad, skipped over that.
Posted by High Society, Thu Apr-23-20 06:26 PM
saw something about someone saying they were retiring after 2020..
WSG has been saying. I thought someone got confused and thought Gibbs was retiring and I read man raps too well to retire.

In fact, the only person confused here was me.
3023872, strong production, strong guest rappers and lots of them
Posted by DJR, Fri Apr-17-20 03:25 PM
Which is ideal. I like this on first listen.

One complaint - I’m over him doing the whole drawn out singing a line. “Pyrex I wanna thank yoooooooooooouuuuu”....that shit. I forget where he did it on here, but I skipped to the next track when it started.

Other than that, I like this a lot so far.
3023878, on Allah sent me...
Posted by Dstl1, Fri Apr-17-20 06:27 PM
Ayo, I miss the days when bricks was only ninteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen!
3023879, Ha! That’s it
Posted by DJR, Fri Apr-17-20 06:32 PM
It just keeps going! Allah sent me to be kiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing.......

I listened again and got through that part and love that song otherwise.
3023875, MOONLIGHT!!!!!
Posted by hip bopper, Fri Apr-17-20 05:41 PM
3023900, ...think it’s a game, til I Patrick Kane somebody homie...
Posted by Dstl1, Sat Apr-18-20 09:09 AM
that’s sliding through with a stick, shootin one by the goalie... lol, c’mon Benny.
3023901, French Toast is immaculate...
Posted by Dstl1, Sat Apr-18-20 09:13 AM
Wale spit a cool verse. Production on this whole joint is nasty. Only track I don’t really like is Euro Step.
3023902, it really is.....I like Eurostep too though
Posted by DJR, Sat Apr-18-20 09:18 AM
I like hearing Gunn flow like that, it switches things up a bit.

Not a surprise at all but yeah the production here is excellent.

And I still think HW7 went a little under the radar in that regard - that album had excellent production too.
3023913, GQ article
Posted by Mgmt, Sat Apr-18-20 11:28 AM
3023916, Keisha Plum = skip to the next track
Posted by Dstl1, Sat Apr-18-20 01:34 PM
3023929, I thought it was just me..
Posted by Mgmt, Sat Apr-18-20 07:40 PM
3023943, I like her n/m
Posted by NorthWeezy, Mon Apr-20-20 07:18 AM
3023924, quality
Posted by Kosa12, Sat Apr-18-20 06:35 PM
While I do think that his ad-libs are annoying and some of the choruses in this album are bad, he is a solid rapper with an impeccable ear for beats and the features bring it as well.
3023946, It's cool, I like it. Prob more than most of the previous Gunn projects.
Posted by Oak27, Mon Apr-20-20 09:57 AM
I'd sound like a broken record saying the things I liked and disliked about it, as most of my sentiments have been echoed already.

He's got one of the best ears for beats and while I've warmed up a bit on the adlibs they are still way too overdone. They seem to be very over with his biggest fans though so I doubt he'll discontinue leaning into it. I've been on a Joey Bada$$ kick as of late so 327 came at the perfect time, and Gibbs has been on a tear over the last year (and even before that really) so anything he's on is going to have replay value.

My favorite tracks: 327, French Toast, $500 ounces, Shawn vs. Flair, LE Djoliba.

I'll add those to my Griselda playlist and likely won't revisit the album in its entirety for a while. I recognize Gunn is an important part of Griselda, but this album did nothing to change my opinion that he's better in smaller doses, occasionally jumping in with adlibs hooks and occasional verses while Benny and Conway carry the workload.

A solid 6/10 to me.
3023953, banger...dude should executive produce the next nas album
Posted by Hellyeah, Mon Apr-20-20 02:58 PM
3023962, RE: banger...dude should executive produce the next nas album
Posted by jimaveli, Tue Apr-21-20 09:43 AM

I just went in on this with some friends. WG should be allowed to swing in on a rope and kick about 6 rappers when they are about to turn in shaky 2003-sounding albums.

Nas and even Pusha Terrence should want to tuck in their last albums every time they hear another set of Griselda project beats.

If Pounds448 didn't exist already, I'd still be saying that Kiss should be doing Griselda music too, but yeah, Nas, Pusha, and about half of Wu should just do Griselda audition albums for the next couple of albums. Meth and Ghost specifically. They could change history if they did it right.

And Pray for Paris is a slamming set of beats for sure. Nothing beats $500 ounces to me. That sample has been used several times and Alchemist still revived it for a ridiculous result. And having Freddie and Roc just made it a borderline unfair flex on pretty much any act trying to make this type of music right now. It is a wonderful song to me. It's the Mr. T of this album.
3024017, man in 2020 nas is outta of excuses for STILL rapping over wack beats
Posted by Hellyeah, Thu Apr-23-20 11:59 AM
lost tapes 2 was an embarassment
3024018, I literally forgot all about LT2 until RZA played a track in the battle w/ Preem
Posted by Oak27, Thu Apr-23-20 12:43 PM
3024158, RE: Westside Gunn - Pray for Paris
Posted by Jimmy Green, Sun Apr-26-20 03:22 AM
I’m feeling the track with Preemo scratching but I’m not keen on his voice 🤷‍♂️
3024159, Honest question, y’all...
Posted by Dstl1, Sun Apr-26-20 09:46 AM
do y’all like Shawn vs. Flair became it’s a beautiful, classic Preemo beat? Cuz, the actual song is kinda terrible, to me. ...you ever ate burgers on a Wednesday?”...lol.
3024161, The whole song is quite meh and very average to me
Posted by Numba_33, Sun Apr-26-20 12:18 PM
As a Primo beat, it's quite pedestrian. Not bad, but not all that stellar to me. It's definately not the best on this project, but I suppose that is totally a subjective opinion.

I won't go into Gunn's raps because I don't want to be too overly negative on the dude. I assumed the hook was in reference to some jail scene stuff, but I do agree it is quite blah.
3024197, RE: Honest question, y’all...
Posted by Johnny, Sun Apr-26-20 11:36 PM
song is dope to me
i love the hook too
3024160, three favorite verses on the album...
Posted by Dstl1, Sun Apr-26-20 10:23 AM
1. Gibbs - $500 Ounces
2. Roc - $500 Ounces
3. Benny - George Bondo
Honorable mention Wale - French Toast
3024162, Learned something about one of the producers
Posted by Numba_33, Sun Apr-26-20 12:24 PM
Jayversace, the dude that produced Versace, is this dude: https://tinyurl.com/yalb2wf2. Interesting to see one of these new wave internet meme dudes cook up some heat. He also has a soundcloud page with beats as well. Here's a link for folks that are interested: https://soundcloud.com/jayversace.

Have to wonder if he'll appear on other's folks work in the future.
3024366, damn...Wes battled COVID-19...
Posted by Dstl1, Wed May-06-20 06:15 PM

Westside Gunn reveals he suffered from COVID-19 and is now virus-free

“I went to the hospital feeling like I was breathing my last breath,” the Griselda rapper wrote on Instagram.

By Victoria Moorwood Apr 13, 2020, 10:54am EDT

Westside Gunn is thankfully Coronavirus-free after suffering in silence from the novel virus for the past few weeks. In an Instagram post shared on Sunday (April 12), the Griselda rapper revealed he’d been hospitalized due to severe COVID-19 symptoms.

“I have a confession to Make, I’m a Corona Survivor,” he wrote on the ‘Gram. “I didn’t want anybody feeling sorry for me I had to thug it out for weeks. I didn’t get to see my kids. I went to the hospital feeling like I was breathing my last breath.”

Thankfully, the Buffalo native is now rid of the disease and noted that “the fans the love I was getting kept me strong.”

“I knew I had to drop this Pray for Paris bc GOD have bigger plans for me,” he added, referring to his forthcoming solo album. “I went on Tidal live and Fat Joe live but soon as I was done I was right back on the breathing machine.”

“Today is the first time besides the hospital that I’m about to go outside in a month thx to the ppl who did know and held me down now,” his post continued. “I’m about to go harder than I ever have. That sh*t tore me up inside I literally thought I was dead designing these clothes and having my back and sending me a beat kept me motivated. I’m back feeling myself don’t it look like I’m from Paris. I love ALL MY SUPPORTERS.”

Westside’s upcoming Pray for Paris LP is set to feature contributions from Wale, Joey Bada$$, Tyler, the Creator, Freddie Gibbs, Conway the Machine, Benny the Butcher and Roc Marciano. The album’s cover art was designed by Louis Vuitton Artistic Director, Virgil Abloh. Pray for Paris is expected to drop on Friday (April 17).

Unfortunately, Westside joins a growing list of several rappers who have contracted Coronavirus, including Slim Thug, Scarface, YNW Melly and Fred The Godson.
3025713, *DEAD* "Westside Gunn ordering McDonalds"
Posted by Oak27, Mon Jul-13-20 08:20 AM
3025714, I needed that.
Posted by maro, Mon Jul-13-20 08:44 AM