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Topic subjectFrusciante back in Red Hot Chili Peppers *INSANE PARTY!!!*
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3021013, Frusciante back in Red Hot Chili Peppers *INSANE PARTY!!!*
Posted by c71, Mon Dec-16-19 09:07 PM


Youtube comments on RHCP videos had random predictions for a while this would happen...but.....I thought Fruscinate was feelin' that stuff he was doin' solo a bit .... too.....much(?)


John Frusciante Is Rejoining Red Hot Chili Peppers

Rob Arcand // December 15, 2019

Longtime Red Hot Chili Peppers guitarist John Frusciante left in 2009 after almost 20 years with the band to focus on his solo career. Upon his departure, Frusciante was replaced by Josh Klinghoffer, who played on the band’s two most recent albums. Now, the beloved inventors of “Californiacation” have announced that Klinghoffer will be leaving the band, and that Frusciante will be returning in his place.

“The Red Hot Chili Peppers announced that we are parting ways with our guitarist of the past ten years, Josh Klinghoffer,” the band shared in a statement. “Josh is a beautiful musician who we respect and love. We are deeply grateful for our time with him, and the countless gifts he shared with us.”

The group also said, “with great excitement and full hearts,” that Frusciante would rejoin the band as lead guitarist.

Red Hot Chili Peppers released their Danger Mouse-produced eleventh studio album The Getaway in June 2016. John Frusciante’s fourteenth solo album and second under the name Trickfinger was released in September 2017. Last month, the band announced that they’d be joining Foo Fighters in headlining next year’s Boston Calling Music Festival.
3021086, Youtube comments
Posted by c71, Wed Dec-18-19 09:58 PM

Red Hot Chili Peppers Announce John Frusciante Is Returning To The band!

Rock N' Roll True Stories

Richard Shapiro 2 days ago

glad josh was willing to stepout when john got his motivation back. this was what I had hoped would happen, he'd take some time off and then get back to it.

That One Girl 5 hours ago

Josh really didn't have a choice really.

Cherette Lynn 2 days ago

John is like that true love that you can’t get over and you would drop anything and anyone for when he decides he wants you back and even though you know he’ll probably leave you again, you still take him back cause it’s so magical when you’re together.

With that said; I’ll miss josh. He loves that band and because of that, we were able to hear songs live that they would not and will not play with John. Josh has a big heart and I’m sure he’s just as excited as we are to hear a new album with John

andré pereira 2 days ago

Exactly! Thats also shows that they got no self respect. I mean the guy leaves and come back has many times he wanted. No wonder he always acted like a primadonna. I guess the money was not coming in,so he return again.

Bring back Navarro and forget this diva

Irena Halder 1 day ago (edited)

andré pereira you’re mistaken - he’s never acted like a primadonna, and he doesn’t seem in the least bit money oriented. Watch his interviews and you’ll realise he’s a humble, spiritual person who’s overcome substantial mental health problems and become an extremely creative, exceptional artist. He has huge integrity - a rare quality in the rock & roll hall of fame.

andré pereira 10 hours ago

Irena Halder Don't want to change your mind on him,but i totally disagree. He always acted like RHCP was HIS band,acted like he was the original guitarrist,like they don't have a great history and music before and without him!

Not to mention he was kinda disrespectful towards Navarro's work with the band,just taking AK"pains and beefs"without question (forgeting during Navarro phase,he was not in the band but instead he was on massive drugs private trip).

He also refuses to play OHM songs live (that Josh was real humble enough to bring back for their live set. Btw,lets see now what will happen about that..) and didn't like the album,but it's funny that everything they did after its closer to that than the funky stuff from MM or BSSM.

Josh seems to be a nice guy but he was their"weakest"guitarrist that recorded an album with them ( his musical approach was too much diferent,even Fea said that) but i almost bet that John will say it was great.

The fact that he was tired of being a rockstar and quit the band,but returned,for 2 times says it all. And i also think that he take his lesson on"humbleness"from Cobain (that he's such a massive fan) ,once he used to act like a"guitar hero"in late 80's and early 90's but when he returned to the band he was more low profile,"tame"and moderate. You can check this by his music and image before and after.

I don't hate the guy,he's a great player and i respect his struggle with adiction in the past,but i can honestly say that Hillel,Sherman and Navarro are my favorites.

Tess Tikles 2 days ago

Wondering if John will refuse to play the song's that Josh wrote with the band just like he did with Dave Navarro's material from One Hot Minute. I love John but he needs to stop being a Primadonna .

chad Ilera 1 day ago

Tess Tikles I hope they put it in writing that he’s got to play music from every era!

Irena Halder 1 day ago

Tess Tikles he’s no primadonna - he had good reasons for not wishing to play those songs, and his explanation made perfect sense. The rest of the band don’t much like those songs either.

Steve Bal41 day ago

Why would someone wanna play crap?

William Dunlop 1 day ago

Employ Josh to polish Johns' revolving door

Andy Butterbaugh 1 day ago

The short version, " John wanted to come back, so we booted Josh"......

Carlo Simotti 1 day ago

It should be said "RHCP are rejoining Frusciante"!

J Mallet 5 hours ago

John just needs to stay with the band now, enough leaving
3021088, i Love how he sounds with them. Good news
Posted by spirit, Wed Dec-18-19 10:19 PM


Spirit (Alan)
3025627, Red Hot Chili Peppers at Lollapalooza USA 2006 (FULL)
Posted by c71, Tue Jul-07-20 08:25 PM