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Topic subjectGoldlink - Diaspora
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3016845, Goldlink - Diaspora
Posted by shockzilla, Wed Jun-12-19 09:04 AM

first impressions are that this is the best thing dude has done.
3016855, i'm listening again (for like the 3rd or 4th time today)
Posted by GROOVEPHI, Wed Jun-12-19 11:13 AM
I fux with GoldLink heavy. This shit is good. Hard to say its his best work bc the other projects were all different. Dude is consistent and puts together damn good projects.
3016860, really good
Posted by tomjohn29, Wed Jun-12-19 11:48 AM
I want a Push album now
3016862, what are his top tracks? Also, any validity to the biting
Posted by Stadiq, Wed Jun-12-19 12:01 PM


Don't remember where I first heard about it, but this was in my feed this morning-


3016863, my personal favorites
Posted by GROOVEPHI, Wed Jun-12-19 12:37 PM
Some Girl
Rough Soul
Dance on Me
Late Night
Palm Trees
Bedtime Story
Hip Hop Interlude

Really, I'd suggest just listening to all of his projects. They each have a different vibe to them.
3016865, no 3000?
Posted by maro, Wed Jun-12-19 12:57 PM
Excited for this... I'm a fan of this cat. That recently surfaced track with 3k does not appear to be on this. That's too bad. That track goooooes.

3016882, oh right!
Posted by shockzilla, Thu Jun-13-19 05:24 AM
I forgot about that one.

3016998, i liked it but not what i expected
Posted by mista k5, Tue Jun-18-19 09:24 AM
i cant say i remember what his last album sounded like but i was not expecting this. i think i need to give it more spins before deciding how much i like it.
3017026, Pleasantly surprised
Posted by snacks, Tue Jun-18-19 06:23 PM
I was on the bandwagon after "Crew" dropped, but then I went back and listened to his body of work and became a fan. I was hoping Kaytra would've been on some of the production, but this was a solid album either way