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3016829, I know what you mean
Posted by obsidianchrysalis, Tue Jun-11-19 07:11 PM
I was stunned at the destruction of all of that great, iconic music. The coverup seemed to be par for the course of all these too-big-to-do-their-job corporations.

It makes sense that the record companies probably aren't incentivized to tend to their archives. (that story about the Atlantic Records exec showing more emotion about the insurance payment offered over a fire than sadness over the loss of the music speaks volumes.) The news that the labels could see their catalogs as a source of revenue means archiving could get more attention but I would think a lot of great music is not going to get the attention it deserves.

The Library of Congress isn't equipped to handle a project of this scale and it seems like whatever music historical non-profit that was mentioned in the article (the one Jack White donated to) isn't either.

Another chapter in the book of 20th Century institutions hopelessly ill-equipped to adapt.