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3017915, LOL
Posted by Anonymous, Mon Aug-19-19 08:33 AM
>Nas was dope lyrically. None of the beats were amazing, and
>the choruses were really bad. But hey, keep Nas dick in your
>mouth all you want fool.
>This fake fuck trying to tell us that Jarreau of Rap compared
>to anything on Lost Tapes.

1 I didn’t mention Jarreau of Rap it’s all, let alone say how it compared to Lost Tapes 1

2 I didn’t mention Lost Tapes at all.

3 I didn’t even give my opinion on Lost Tapes 2 so I’m not sure why you’re responding like a jack ass. Says a lot more about you than it does me bro.

4 You can’t even form an opinion past “beats and choruses were really bad” which is a pretty played ass response at this point and sounds like you didn’t even listen to the album past Jarreau of Rap.