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Topic subjectYUP. I admire that song so much that
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3017133, YUP. I admire that song so much that
Posted by MeshaMeesh, Sun Jun-23-19 02:03 PM
when I first heard it in 2015, I downloaded the "cassette" version and the "acetate" versions off YouTube. I liked both but they were both of poor quality.

I went into Audacity and combined both tracks so that the lower frequencies (bass) of the acetate and the higher frequencies of the cassette meshed well together and provided a more decent-sounding song. I think I had a total of 8 or so tracks within Audacity because I had to filter and pan some of them so I can get an actual stereo sound since I think the cassette version was focused more on the right.

you can download here: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1JkIdoy5JTAsvt0HFMXAfEDc_4gW9EzCx


"She was on that tip about stoppin' the violence
About my people she was teachin' me..."