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Topic subjectSo, maybe this is our chance to finally hear "Get Up"...
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3017033, So, maybe this is our chance to finally hear "Get Up"...
Posted by rhymesandammo, Wed Jun-19-19 05:00 AM
...in case you are unfamiliar, there was an article leading up to the release of Streets' Disciple that I think was published in The New Yorker or maybe New York magazine. It was a profile on Nas and it described a song called "Get Up" which was to be a sequel to the intro "Get Down" off God's Son. It never made the cut on SD but I would love to hear it if it's in a similar vein as "Get Down".

Another song from that era we already have but it would be cool to get a mastered version of would be the original version of the actual song "Streets' Disciple". If you ever heard the original, it's got the same Billy Joel sample from "Stilettos" that was sampled on G. Rap & DJ Polo's "Road To Riches". Billy recently cleared "Zanizbar" back in 2015 for Action Bronson so it's entirely possible the (correct) version of the song without the dreadful synths may be officially liberated for this as well.

Also, pardon me if anyone has already mentioned this but "The Rise & Fall" should be a shoe-in for this project. Honestly, I can't think of any other rapper with a doper vault of unreleased/leaked songs than Nas.