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3016823, Nas - Lost Tapes 2
Posted by Anonymous, Tue Jun-11-19 05:24 PM


What songs do you need to see on this?
3016824, from which sessions would the songs be from?
Posted by mista k5, Tue Jun-11-19 05:37 PM
are the potential songs already out there?
3016827, I want a cdq of “life is like a dice game”...
Posted by ob1 kenobi, Tue Jun-11-19 06:12 PM
...or maybe remastered version
3016846, i heard a rumor Easy Mo Bee got the 2nd verse in the vault...
Posted by My_SP1200_Broken_Again, Wed Jun-12-19 09:26 AM
....god i hope thats true because its one of my favorite beats ever

3017065, RE: i heard a rumor Easy Mo Bee got the 2nd verse in the vault...
Posted by djfilthyrich, Thu Jun-20-19 06:49 PM
>....god i hope thats true because its one of my favorite
>beats ever
oh word? a 2nd verse? that'd be crazy!
3016958, Same here!!
Posted by Mgmt, Sun Jun-16-19 10:14 PM
>...or maybe remastered version
3016828, Hopefully there’s songs with Primo and AZ that I’ve never heard, on here
Posted by DJR, Tue Jun-11-19 06:14 PM
3016831, Deja Vu, since it's a song a lot of people are unfamiliar with
Posted by Nabs, Tue Jun-11-19 08:42 PM
And if there are anymore from that era that got scrapped in favor of IWW.
3016850, came here to say that
Posted by Dr Claw, Wed Jun-12-19 10:32 AM
3016877, That's the one
Posted by Ishwip, Wed Jun-12-19 09:16 PM

I don't like the beat anymore because its just a loop. ALC didn't FLIP IT ENOUGH!

Flip it enough? Flip these. Flip off. Go flip some f*cking burgers.(c)Kno

Allied State of the National Electric Beat Treaty Organization (NEBTO)
3017133, YUP. I admire that song so much that
Posted by MeshaMeesh, Sun Jun-23-19 02:03 PM
when I first heard it in 2015, I downloaded the "cassette" version and the "acetate" versions off YouTube. I liked both but they were both of poor quality.

I went into Audacity and combined both tracks so that the lower frequencies (bass) of the acetate and the higher frequencies of the cassette meshed well together and provided a more decent-sounding song. I think I had a total of 8 or so tracks within Audacity because I had to filter and pan some of them so I can get an actual stereo sound since I think the cassette version was focused more on the right.

you can download here: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1JkIdoy5JTAsvt0HFMXAfEDc_4gW9EzCx


"She was on that tip about stoppin' the violence
About my people she was teachin' me..."
3016837, A properly mixed version of Understanding
Posted by mrhood75, Tue Jun-11-19 10:01 PM
3016859, That’s my shit!
Posted by ob1 kenobi, Wed Jun-12-19 11:45 AM
3016842, I'm Already Hyped As Hell
Posted by Dj Joey Joe, Tue Jun-11-19 11:55 PM
I saw the IG post and I'm excited to hear it, I know he got gems just sitting waiting to be heard.

3016878, Give me the Nas/Scarface, Nas/Common, Naz/AZ, and Nas/Primo albums
Posted by DJR, Wed Jun-12-19 09:34 PM
Oh yeah, the Nas//Scarface/Ice Cube album too.

And the album that was coming before the Kanye album last year.

Give me all them.
3016886, that alternate version of "take it in blood"
Posted by dula dibiasi, Thu Jun-13-19 10:19 AM
been wanting a clean copy of that for decades.
3016959, Is there a dirty version I can hear online ?
Posted by Brew, Sun Jun-16-19 10:47 PM
That's one of my favorite Nas songs so I'd love to hear any version of it.
3017120, I didn't mean clean as in censored.
Posted by dula dibiasi, Sat Jun-22-19 02:11 PM
I meant mastered, with no dj.

he only version of the song that's ever been available is from a whoo kid mixtape.

some guy on YouTube cleaned it up a little:


3017534, Oh shit. This is dope.
Posted by Brew, Mon Aug-05-19 01:37 PM
I love that beat so much.
3016900, What y’all wanna hear?
Posted by High Society, Thu Jun-13-19 04:44 PM
Never mind.

Y’all posting some good choices!
3017033, So, maybe this is our chance to finally hear "Get Up"...
Posted by rhymesandammo, Wed Jun-19-19 05:00 AM
...in case you are unfamiliar, there was an article leading up to the release of Streets' Disciple that I think was published in The New Yorker or maybe New York magazine. It was a profile on Nas and it described a song called "Get Up" which was to be a sequel to the intro "Get Down" off God's Son. It never made the cut on SD but I would love to hear it if it's in a similar vein as "Get Down".

Another song from that era we already have but it would be cool to get a mastered version of would be the original version of the actual song "Streets' Disciple". If you ever heard the original, it's got the same Billy Joel sample from "Stilettos" that was sampled on G. Rap & DJ Polo's "Road To Riches". Billy recently cleared "Zanizbar" back in 2015 for Action Bronson so it's entirely possible the (correct) version of the song without the dreadful synths may be officially liberated for this as well.

Also, pardon me if anyone has already mentioned this but "The Rise & Fall" should be a shoe-in for this project. Honestly, I can't think of any other rapper with a doper vault of unreleased/leaked songs than Nas.
3017035, Amongst Kings and Fetus original
Posted by j., Wed Jun-19-19 01:59 PM
there's an alternate version of Fetus that was on the I Am... bootleg
3017039, The joint he made with Nipsey, and other stuff unheard.
Posted by isaaaa, Wed Jun-19-19 05:36 PM

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3017064, RE: Nas - Lost Tapes 2
Posted by djfilthyrich, Thu Jun-20-19 06:45 PM
Other than the ones people already mentioned, I'd also wanna hear a CDQ of 'Nas Will Prevail' if Large Pro still had that on a reel. There are also some other tracks Nas did with Large Pro that he said Nas paid to re-acquire the reels from the label, so hopefully some of those might make the cut (Pro said Nas used some of the verses on other tracks that came out though). Would also like to hear 'The Curse' in full, and Take It In Blood alternate version. Oh, and that demo Nas apparently cut for Eric B before he hooked up with Large Pro.....
3017396, I had a feeling it would be newer stuff
Posted by Stadiq, Tue Jul-02-19 05:39 PM

From HHID on...

here's the list-

1. “No Bad Energy” (Prod. by Swizz Beatz)
2. “Vernon Family” (Prod. by Pharrell Williams)
3. “Jarreau of Rap” (Skatt Attack) (feat. Al Jarreau, Keyon Harrold (Prod. by Eddie Cole)
4. “Lost Freestyle” (Prod. by Statik Selektah)
5. “Tanasia” (Prod. by RZA)
6. “Royalty” (feat. RaVaughn) (Prod. by Hit-Boy)
7. “Who Are You” (feat. David Ranier) (Prod. by Eric Hudson)
8. “Adult Film” (feat. Swizz Beatz) (Prod. by Swizz Beatz)
9. “War Against Love” (Prod. by DJ DAHI & DJ Khalil)
10. “The Art of It” (feat. J. Myers) (Prod. by Pete Rock)
11. “Highly Favored” (Prod. by RZA)
12. “Queens Wolf” (Prod. by DJ Toomp)
13. “It Never Ends” (Prod. by The Alchemist)
14. “You Mean The World to Me” (Prod. by Kanye West)
15. “Queens Bridge Politics” (Prod. by Pete Rock)
16. “Beautiful Life” (feat. RaVaughn) (Prod. by No I.D.)
3017398, What's the song sampled in the song in the trailer ?
Posted by Brew, Tue Jul-02-19 07:48 PM
It's killing me cause I'm 90% sure it's sampled in another song but I can't put my finger on it. Been wracking my brain all day.
3017400, no idea...
Posted by Stadiq, Tue Jul-02-19 09:15 PM

He’s flowing though.

I know some will be disappointed that it’s not older
stuff...but I’m hyped for this.

3017402, Me too.
Posted by Brew, Tue Jul-02-19 09:30 PM
>I know some will be disappointed that it’s not older
>stuff...but I’m hyped for this.

I kind of expected it to be more recent stuff. It just makes sense.
3017403, Angela Bofill - Accept Me
Posted by Nabs, Tue Jul-02-19 10:17 PM
3017405, song in the trailer is Lost Freestyle
Posted by spitfire, Wed Jul-03-19 01:07 AM
3017406, Strange Fruit Project used it in "You"
Posted by mrhood75, Wed Jul-03-19 02:35 AM
That's at least what I associate it with.

Nipsey used it as well.
3017408, THAT'S THE ONE
Posted by Brew, Wed Jul-03-19 08:16 AM
Thank you.

>RE: Strange Fruit Project used it in "You"
3017411, anyone heard the Pete Rock joints?? How old are they?
Posted by My_SP1200_Broken_Again, Wed Jul-03-19 09:34 AM
3017423, HHID or after, no? So his Def Jam stuff
Posted by Stadiq, Wed Jul-03-19 09:17 PM

If I’m not mistaken, which makes sense.
3017413, So we'll finally get to hear the $2 million Pharrel beat?
Posted by mrhood75, Wed Jul-03-19 11:42 AM
(might be too deep of cut, I admit)

But, why am I not surprised that he recorded tracks with Pete Rock, RZA, and Alchemist and they didn't make his albums.
3017422, lol haha i remember this.
Posted by High Society, Wed Jul-03-19 08:55 PM
3017415, who in the fuck is "RaVaughn"
Posted by Hellyeah, Wed Jul-03-19 03:00 PM
3017425, pretty sure it's Raheem Devaughn
Posted by spitfire, Thu Jul-04-19 07:57 AM
3017507, I thought that too, but it's a young lady from Cali apparently.
Posted by WarriorPoet415, Mon Aug-05-19 09:35 AM


"To Each His Reach"


Fuck aliens.
3017518, indeed...
Posted by spitfire, Mon Aug-05-19 09:58 AM
my bad
3017434, RE: I had a feeling it would be newer stuff
Posted by go mack, Fri Jul-05-19 10:25 AM
I thought there would be at least a few songs that have leaked over the years and we heard but Im not familiar with one of these and Im excited for it.
3017456, Ctl+F "Pete Rock," good to go
Posted by Garhart Poppwell, Sun Jul-07-19 12:12 PM
3017528, there's some good and some bad here.
Posted by Dr Claw, Mon Aug-05-19 11:57 AM
but I'm happy to have heard some of these old mixtape songs mastered and with no tags, particularly "You Mean The World To Me".

Man, I miss pre-Red Hat Kanye
3017581, That Alchemist beat is stupid fire.
Posted by High Society, Tue Aug-06-19 07:39 PM
Wish Roc Marci got a hold of that one.
3017886, Really feeling that one, both RZA beats, and both Pete beats
Posted by DJR, Sat Aug-17-19 07:47 PM
Even Swizz did ok.

Surprised at how many here aren’t feeling this. I really don’t see anything wrong with it.
3017899, aame, those are my favorite beats as well.
Posted by High Society, Sun Aug-18-19 11:31 AM
3017583, If this was a tape - side 1 is spotty and side 2 is outstanding
Posted by DJR, Tue Aug-06-19 08:29 PM
3017584, Yea this was my thinking as well
Posted by Brew, Tue Aug-06-19 10:17 PM
I was way more engaged in the 2nd half of the album for sure.
3017804, How ironic this isn't available on cassette or even cd yet.
Posted by normal35762, Thu Aug-15-19 12:44 PM
3017805, D+ This is just as disappointing as the Nasir album
Posted by 81 DUN, Thu Aug-15-19 01:22 PM
Nas will never deliver
3017807, wow ... tough room
Posted by Ray_Snill, Thu Aug-15-19 04:12 PM
I ain't even a Nas fan like that and it's pretty solid to me

3017808, Nas has almost always delivered
Posted by DJR, Thu Aug-15-19 04:43 PM
and this is solid.
3017809, Nas is not good at crafting an album. Styles P makes better albums.
Posted by 81 DUN, Thu Aug-15-19 05:04 PM
Nas is one of the greatest mc’s ever. For me all his albums after I Am were let downs. He has some classic songs in those projects. And no I don’t need his albums to be Illmatic level. His selection is terrible as far as beats go. He definitely needs someone to monitor what he’s rapping over. It’s like he don’t care Lost Tapes was classic then he puts this out and it sounds like throwaways.
3017810, I just don’t really agree
Posted by DJR, Thu Aug-15-19 05:27 PM
Stillmatic, God’s Son, Street’s Disciple, and Untitled were all
good albums. Distant Relatives was good too.

Life is Good was a great album.

Hip Hop is Dead was decent.

I’ve got no problem with his discography or most of the beats he raps on.
3017812, Yea I find it hard to believe he used I Am as the cutoff point.
Posted by Brew, Thu Aug-15-19 08:59 PM
3017813, I stand by my statement most of his albums are disappointing efforts
Posted by 81 DUN, Thu Aug-15-19 10:15 PM
Even his comeback with Stillmatic and Godson he didn’t knock it outta the park. Streets Disciple has him doing a lazy double disc that has a pointless Busta Rhymes feature and the Q-Tip beat that man picks smh.
3017814, street’s Disciple - lazy?? The bars weren’t
Posted by DJR, Thu Aug-15-19 10:28 PM
Nas was on top of his game.

There’s a couple bad songs on there, but damn...there’s like 15 good-great ones.
3017815, If Street’s Disciple was one disc it would be good
Posted by Nick Has a Problem...Seriously, Thu Aug-15-19 11:52 PM
Disc 2 is horrible
3017818, sadly disappointing..life is good should've really been his last album
Posted by Hellyeah, Fri Aug-16-19 03:49 AM
3017883, Yeah, this was no good
Posted by justin_scott, Sat Aug-17-19 07:27 PM
no wonder these were left off any of his albums. Sad, as Lost Tapes was a classic, and Life Is Good was amazing other than 2-3 songs. Even Nasir was better than this. And let me add, a lot of Nas' rhymes aren't the problem. The beats don't grab me at all, and the choruses are really bad.
3017889, While this album is a mixed bag, it doesn't deserve the acrimony...
Posted by mrhood75, Sun Aug-18-19 03:32 AM
...it's receiving. It takes a while to get going, and "Jarreau of Rap" sounds like a joke, but the second half is solid. I'm cool with everything after "Adult Film." And "Highly Flavored" is as good as anything he's done in the '00s.

I think the key difference between this and the first Lost Tapes is that part was filled with completed songs intended for an album that got leaked, whereas this one has lots of material that's incomplete and Nas wanted to flesh out more, but didn't.
3017898, LOL @ people trying to shit on this...
Posted by Anonymous, Sun Aug-18-19 11:21 AM
3017905, I can understand the disappointment. The beats are a turn off
Posted by aesop socks, Sun Aug-18-19 07:07 PM
I’m sure Nas Lyrics are strong. The beats I heard were tough to sit through. Felt let down by this album
3017916, So you haven’t even listened to the whole album
Posted by Anonymous, Mon Aug-19-19 08:37 AM


Cats are so programmed to hate everything Nas does they can’t even hide their bias.
3017960, Nas is one of my favorites. Nine tracks in I stopped listening.
Posted by aesop socks, Mon Aug-19-19 06:23 PM
What’s the problem? It wasn’t enjoyable for me. I came in anticipating this album because of Lost Tapes one. IMO it not touching that at all. I wouldn’t have called it lost tapes.
3017963, Smh, should listen to the whole album before talking about the album
Posted by DJR, Mon Aug-19-19 06:27 PM
Second half of the album was much better than the first IMO.
3017964, Fifty percent on a test is an F.
Posted by aesop socks, Mon Aug-19-19 06:35 PM
3017966, SMh, you cut it off right before the 4 best songs
Posted by DJR, Mon Aug-19-19 06:45 PM
Didn’t even stick around for Pete, RZA, and Alchemist?

3017968, Smh I just turned it on without knowing the folks on it.
Posted by aesop socks, Mon Aug-19-19 07:14 PM
If I have to get through nine songs to get to good stuff that’s saying something. I will finish the album. Still there’s still lots of zero replay value on most of this album.
3017969, Im not gonna lie, I was checked out for the first half or so on first listen
Posted by DJR, Mon Aug-19-19 07:20 PM
Really liked songs 10-13, as well as Queensbridge Politics and the album closer.

And on repeated listens liked some of the songs on the first half.

IMO there’s 3-4 really good-great songs, and another 6-7 good ones. The rest are average, and the one that everyone is hating on...well, that’s kindve it’s own thing. Lol. Still not sure what to do with that one, but at least Nas rode the beat.

I’m not mad at the album at all though.
3017910, LOL @ you acting like this was excellent
Posted by justin_scott, Sun Aug-18-19 08:27 PM
Nas was dope lyrically. None of the beats were amazing, and the choruses were really bad. But hey, keep Nas dick in your mouth all you want fool.

This fake fuck trying to tell us that Jarreau of Rap compared to anything on Lost Tapes.
3017915, LOL
Posted by Anonymous, Mon Aug-19-19 08:33 AM
>Nas was dope lyrically. None of the beats were amazing, and
>the choruses were really bad. But hey, keep Nas dick in your
>mouth all you want fool.
>This fake fuck trying to tell us that Jarreau of Rap compared
>to anything on Lost Tapes.

1 I didn’t mention Jarreau of Rap it’s all, let alone say how it compared to Lost Tapes 1

2 I didn’t mention Lost Tapes at all.

3 I didn’t even give my opinion on Lost Tapes 2 so I’m not sure why you’re responding like a jack ass. Says a lot more about you than it does me bro.

4 You can’t even form an opinion past “beats and choruses were really bad” which is a pretty played ass response at this point and sounds like you didn’t even listen to the album past Jarreau of Rap.

3017953, take Nas dick out of your mouth and form a non assholic opinion
Posted by justin_scott, Mon Aug-19-19 06:02 PM
just once, but you can't do that, so....
3017959, Carry on with your hostility
Posted by Anonymous, Mon Aug-19-19 06:22 PM
Your reaction is interesting.

Was I even talking to you?

3017906, I pretty much have the same feelings as Lost Tapes 1
Posted by Boogie Stimuli, Sun Aug-18-19 07:30 PM
There are a few standouts, but I'll never listen to the rest of it. I'm happy with the joints I like.
I'm not "disappointed" because I didn't expect some mindblowing album. Shoutout to everyone who thought Lost Tapes 1 was a super strong album throughout. I just don't share that sentiment.
3017917, Ehh. Lost Tapes 1's highs were all-time greats. 2? LOL. No.
Posted by Orbit_Established, Mon Aug-19-19 08:50 AM
>There are a few standouts, but I'll never listen to the rest
>of it. I'm happy with the joints I like.
>I'm not "disappointed" because I didn't expect some
>mindblowing album. Shoutout to everyone who thought Lost
>Tapes 1 was a super strong album throughout. I just don't
>share that sentiment.

There's no comparison my friend


O_E: "Acts like an asshole and posts with imperial disdain"

"I ORBITs the solar system, listenin..."

(C)Keith Murray, "
3017942, What are the songs you like on lost tapes 1?
Posted by High Society, Mon Aug-19-19 03:37 PM
3017962, Woah
Posted by aesop socks, Mon Aug-19-19 06:25 PM
3017965, You're Probably One Of The Few I've Ever Seen Who Didn't Like It
Posted by Dj Joey Joe, Mon Aug-19-19 06:43 PM
I've had plenty, in fact a lot of people (irl) who didn't even know about "Lost Tapes" even though there was copies of "Stillmatic" that had snippets of it as a bonus tracks.

Anyway once I told them, and when I see then later they usually happy about their purchase and wonder about is more coming cause some do remember a few being on mixtapes back in the day and whatnot.

Me personally I'm never happy with a Nas album, but even I was surprised how many songs I liked on it, I will agree there is some songs better than others but even single one, the only song I don't care for is "Poppa Was A Playa".

3018010, I enjoyed it
Posted by go mack, Tue Aug-20-19 08:55 AM
but also have a lot of unreleased songs of his I feel are better than most the songs on this. Still, Im not really disappointed as Nas is my favorite rapper and enjoy listening to new verses by him, just could have been a bit better for a true Lost Tapes 2 that could have been closer to matching the original.
3018138, this shit is dud... even the Pete track are kinda snoozefests...
Posted by My_SP1200_Broken_Again, Fri Aug-23-19 02:10 PM
....dont get me wrong, Nas always spits heat, but damn this shit is disappointing considering the 1st lost tapes had a good amount of fire

3018197, Queensbridge Politics is excellent
Posted by justin_scott, Sun Aug-25-19 05:58 PM
and Nas himself doesn't disappoint, but yeah, 95% of the beats are skips, and most of the choruses are bad.
3018198, 95% of the beats???
Posted by DJR, Sun Aug-25-19 06:13 PM
I got both Pete, both RZA, and Alchemist as heaters at a minimum. You only like 1 beat, basically?
3018200, Queensbridge Politics, No Bad Energy, and Vernon Family
Posted by justin_scott, Sun Aug-25-19 07:01 PM
and QP is the only beat I LOVE. It Never Ends is ehh okay, but I don't love it. Nothing else slaps. Lyrically, Nas never comes meh or wack, or even close, but the beats? Nah, for the most part. The choruses? Nope. Tanasia is fucking horrible. Actually, that might be the one joint where even Nas raps are bad.
3018219, c'mon.. that beat isn't up to Pete Rock quality standards...
Posted by My_SP1200_Broken_Again, Mon Aug-26-19 09:47 AM
...yes, it becomes much better with the Nas rhymes, but thats not a Pete Rock beat to tell your kids about. This is coming from a huge Pete Rock fan so no disrespect to him.

3018226, If anything this just shows how great the first Lost Tapes is.
Posted by phemom, Mon Aug-26-19 01:21 PM
This sounds all over the place, not cohesive with small flashes of great in between it, and a couple outright clunkers.....which is the way a collection of throwaways works for anyone else.

Personally I like about half of it, but I can say there really isn't one record that made he go "damn this should've been on the album it was made for".

ALC should've gotten his record for one of his comp albums/EPs, it would've been dope on the banging EPs he puts out every few months.

I'm probably in the minority (especially here because I know OKP hates some Swizz) but both of their songs are dope.....and I kinda want that Nas/Swizz collab album.

The first one is 1 zone locked into it....that shit is rare. This is truly a bunch on different Nas's put together and I'm cool with it.
3018775, Okay gave this another shot still an no. Y’all really like this production?
Posted by 81 DUN, Sun Sep-15-19 03:46 AM
It’s gotta be a ego thing. Nas definitely got the wrong people on his team or he just don’t listen to them. These beats are throwaways. There’s nothing on this project that I would recommend. You can’t depend on Nas.
3018776, Lost Tapes 1 is right behind Illmatic for me
Posted by Soletaker, Sun Sep-15-19 07:05 AM
this lost tapes 2, big time disappointment.