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Topic subjectR.I.P. Bushwick Bill
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3016784, R.I.P. Bushwick Bill
Posted by mrhood75, Mon Jun-10-19 02:07 PM
Succumbed to pancreatic cancer yesterday. Peace to all of his family.

An absolutely unique artist and performer. Grew up on his music as a member of the Geto Boys and a solo artist. There really don't make them like Bill anymore.

3016787, RE: R.I.P. Bushwick Bill
Posted by howardlloyd, Mon Jun-10-19 06:46 PM
mind playing tricks on me one of hip hops GOAT songs

always had mad respect for geto boys

3016788, One of the most iconic voices in hip-hop
Posted by obsidianchrysalis, Mon Jun-10-19 07:07 PM
It was so distinctive and had such gravity to it.

Really dug his verse on Mind Playing Tricks on Me and his voiceover work on Stranded on Death Row.

His suffering is over.

3016792, Ever So Clear...
Posted by ob1 kenobi, Tue Jun-11-19 01:31 AM
... one of my fav songs... RIP Bushwick...

3016795, Damn, didn't know he had cancer. RIP
Posted by Soletaker, Tue Jun-11-19 06:20 AM
3016803, Rest Easy.
Posted by liveguy, Tue Jun-11-19 10:47 AM