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Topic subjectBlack Milk & Nat Turner - Sunday Outakes
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3016749, Black Milk & Nat Turner - Sunday Outakes
Posted by 81 DUN, Sat Jun-08-19 08:15 PM
In my quest to find albums to have that sounds kinda like Bilal’s In Another Life, I came across this nice instrumental set. Great drumming, nice keys, love the sound if I had some upright bass in here it’d be perfect
3016750, this, the full album and the EPs are amazing.
Posted by LeroyBumpkin, Sat Jun-08-19 08:26 PM
This music led right into Black Milk's "Fever" perfectly.
Hearing it live was fantastic.
Shout to Aaron Abernathy, who is a big part (if not THE part) of the Nat Turner sound.