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Topic subjectR.I.P. – I was fortunate enough to see him only once...
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3017062, R.I.P. – I was fortunate enough to see him only once...
Posted by aScribe, Thu Jun-20-19 05:20 PM
At Carnegie Hall a few years back for the Michael Dorf "Music Of..." Bill Withers tribute concert where they recreated Withers' "Live At Carnegie" hall album, song for song via guest artists.

D'Angelo was scheduled to appear, but canceled a few days(?) before the show. Dr. John was his replacement. And he killed. Dare, I say, the funkiest version of "Use Me" I have ever heard.

I recall him walking out to the piano with arm braces, wondering if he was okay. Little did I know I was in for a killer performance. Glad to have shared that show with my dad.

Still haven't delved into his full discography yet, but grateful for the music he's left behind.