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Topic subjectYeah they should have found a white rapper who
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3016993, Yeah they should have found a white rapper who
Posted by Stadiq, Mon Jun-17-19 09:37 PM

Sounded like Rakim. That would have been fresh!

Pssst a lot of your favorites from the east coast were
on that “gangster shit” too.

Also, there’s context to this entire thing. You know that.

You prefer east coast shit over anything else. Okay.

While that’s weird enough in 2019, don’t pretend like
you don’t know the whole story.

And don’t pretend you are the keeper of what’s fresh,
tired, etc. You prop up white culture vultures cuz you like
their beats and/or remind you of the 90s.

I mean, like what you like but stop with this weird
regional shit already.

Not to mention a lot of the legends you take shots
at simply because of their zip codes were basically
kids at the time.