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Topic subjectYea Common was on that tip a couple times.
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3017169, Yea Common was on that tip a couple times.
Posted by Brew, Mon Jun-24-19 07:46 PM
"Downtown interracial couples hold hands/
I breathe heavy like a old man wit a cold can of Old Style" - Hungry

Think there was another example or two I can't think of right now but he's since stepped back from that perspective in interviews and such.

I think there was a no-name rapper or rap group who took issue with that line in "Real People" shortly after it was released, and dissed Common over it ... though I can't remember who it was. Think they used the "Real People" beat for the diss too. It was pretty weak haha but they did an interview or two about it and explained why it bothered them so much. Not sure if Comm ever responded.

Comm also had the F-bomb line in "Dooinit" that is super cringeworthy to listen to now. But it doesn't ruin the song cause the song is that good lol.