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Topic subjectRed & Meth on "Left & Right"; Rick Ross on "Devil in a New Dress"
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3016763, Red & Meth on "Left & Right"; Rick Ross on "Devil in a New Dress"
Posted by bills, Sun Jun-09-19 02:49 PM
Red & Meth throw off the album experience way more than they throw off the song though...I recognize the L&R is supposed to be a gritty, nasty funk record...but it would have better served the project as a whole to be a bit more subtle.
Also, Ricky's verse on DiaND has its moments, but pretty often, as soon as I hear "Lookin' at my b*tch, I bet she give ya ass a bone", I just snap out of the state that song puts me in and fall back to earth. Not a huge Drake fan, but it shoulda been him on that feature...that topic woulda been his bread n butter.