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Topic subjectName artists/album described as good to great, that's mediocre....
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3016656, Name artists/album described as good to great, that's mediocre....
Posted by Buddy_Gilapagos, Wed Jun-05-19 09:42 AM
if judge by the standards of just one generation prior.

I feel like a lot of artists get by on the lack of music knowledge of a lot of listeners.

This could be fun.

I'll start with Tyler's Igor. Them mediocre Neptunes and Kanye tracks.

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3016671, Mase
Posted by Marbles, Wed Jun-05-19 03:09 PM

I get that his songs might have got the party's going. But dude was barely adequate on the mic.
3016673, He was influential tho
Posted by Adwhizz, Wed Jun-05-19 03:39 PM
Fab, Loon and a probably a bunch of other rappers nobody remembers took his lazy,multi-syllabic flow
3016675, Mid 90s pre-Bad Boy Mase was hard
Posted by DJR, Wed Jun-05-19 04:00 PM
3016685, I've heard this from a lot folks but I've never peeped his stuff n/m
Posted by Marbles, Thu Jun-06-19 10:03 AM
3016718, RE: Mid 90s pre-Bad Boy Mase was hard
Posted by BlakStaar, Fri Jun-07-19 07:29 PM
Soundin’ like AZ!
3016720, yup! Though I kinda wonder if it’s the other way around
Posted by DJR, Fri Jun-07-19 09:03 PM
AZ got a deal first and is slightly older(I think) but they were both coming up around the same time. IMO, Jay-Z was sounding like both of them, in 96.

There’s not a ton of early Mase out there and some of it is poor quality, but there’s enough to know that he had those multis and crazy flow and was right there with almost anybody back then. And NY rappers of his era or right after like Jada, Fab, etc. always give him respect. Biggie did too, and we know that wasn’t political because he shit on Craig Mack when they were both on Bad Boy. Underwhelming career for the skill level, no question. But he could spit.
3016681, J. Cole
Posted by obsidianchrysalis, Thu Jun-06-19 01:53 AM
He's kind of a throwback rapper in that he has more traditional emceeing skills. But when I listen to him, I just want to listen to 2Pac and Jay because they did what he does now, but better.

3016742, Kendric Lamar
Posted by melmag, Sat Jun-08-19 01:28 PM
wack voice, basic lyrics, etc..

he kicked some basic nonsensical shit on Control and niggas went wild lol.
But hey, the standards are so low now we suppose to crown him Nas or Rakim reincarnated.. smh