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Topic subjectthis is a bit random...
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3017903, this is a bit random...
Posted by thebigfunk, Sun Aug-18-19 05:37 PM
but I checked out a new album from someone named Maria Usbeck, the album is called Envejeciendo ... and happened to put it on after listening to the Sault record for the nth time... although the overall sound is very different, the general vibe is a bit similar and it has some similar characteristics -- really sparse, percussion-centered arrangements and simply delivered vocals. Only listened to the Usbeck record twice so far but I'm enjoying it.

Won't go as far as to say "If you like Sault you'll like this," but the two albums make an interesting pair and it might be worth checking out. The Usbeck record is on Apple Music, I'm assuming it's available on the other streaming venues as well.


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